1984 and Similarities to the Soviet Union

1984 and Resemblances to the Soviet Union

1984 In the unique written by George Orwell, 1984, there are several resemblances to the Soviet Union. Among the most crucial resemblances is Adolph Hitler. Another really essential point in 1984 is Big Sibling. Big Brother is extremely similar to both of the leaders, Adolph Hitler and Stalin. During Adolph Hitler’s time, the government had absolute control over everything. This might also be called totalitarianism, which was frowned upon by 1984’s author, George Orwell. Hitler had total power over the life, appetite, and even the “vaporization” discussed in 1984.

Big Bro, the omnipotent leader in 1984, also had total and total jurisdiction over the lives of every character in the book. Stalin, the 2nd leader of the Soviet Union, was simply as scary as a leader as Adolph Hitler. Huge Brother appears to be a combination of Stalin and Hitler, both physically and typically. Physically, all three males looked alike. The significant physical resemblance was their mustaches. They each had a heavy black mustache. Personality smart, they have actually all been described as vicious and scary.

In the book, George Orwell was very clear is presenting his sensations about totalitarianism to the reader. He reveals, through the characters of his novel, that he believes that totalitarianism is an unfavorable thing. George Orwell also makes it extremely obvious that he does never desire the human race to get to the point that the characters of 1984 pertained to. He did not desire people to be endlessly seen by their totalitarian, president, or leader. George Orwell desired people to be able to live their lives in privacy, as all individuals should.

The book, 1984, was written by George Orwell for one primary purpose. That purpose was to inform everyone in the world what could occur if totalitarianism was reached. He wanted to discuss to individuals what might happen to them if they did not prevent a supreme leader. Although George Orwell most likely understood that he would never live to see the year 1984, he composed a book that could last forever in order to conserve people from totalitarianism later by relating it to the Soviet Union and Adolph Hitler.