1984 – Young Attractive Girl Julia

1984– Young Attractive Woman Julia

Winston hoped for many things among them being that he was not alone in disliking the party. A young attractive girl called Julia, lets Winston know he is not alone in hating the celebration by asking him to have sex with her.

Although Julia is not Winston’s perfect pick she is against the celebration because unlike Winston she defies the party from what Winston describes as “the waist down.” Unlike Julia who physically defied the party Winston thought it was more vital to psychologically and rationally defy the party.He achieved this by composing in his journal about the dreams, and by blogging about his ideas and feelings against the party. Winston thought that their belonged of you that no matter what the celebration could no get to and change. This is ironic since later on in the story you learn that O’Brian since later on it is learned that O’Brian has actually truly been spying on him the whole time and now has lastly get enough proof to bring Winston to the Ministry of love. In the ministry of love Winston was tortured and lastly broken by O’Brian when Winston tells O’Brian to let the rats consume Julia and to spare his life.After this point O’Brian believes Winston is no long psychologically ill, and is then released back into the society of Huge Sibling where he welcomes and loves it.

Winston also lived in hope that his imagine ending up being an active member of the celebration could be carried out. This happens when O’ Brian approaches him at work asking Winston if he had the current edition of the newsspeak dictionary. When Winston responds, “No” O’Brian tells him he might check out O’Brian’s house to pick up a copy.O’Brian enables Winston to believe that he is also versus the party by asking him about the man who worked across from Winston however never quite said his name. In any other case anyone who would say this would be taking a big threat, and was usual never ever raised when a person was vaporized. A few days later when Winston comes to O’Brian’s house he then starts to question him about what would he want to do for the brotherhood. This gave Winston the belief that he could potentially be making a difference and might meet a crucial roll to “The Brotherhood” and it is his task to do so.

The lottery game in the novel can also be related to the lottery game these days. We all are well aware that in the novel Huge Sibling world today is that do we truly know who wins the lottery game? No, we can not say that we are one hundred percent sure that our lottery is not fixed and it is quite possible that would lie to continue with its structured society. How this relates to our nobody actually wins. Here is where we associate with the proles, where we have hope in winning the lottery and think that the more we play the better opportunity we have of that happening.