A Good Man Is Hard To Find – Flannery O’Connor

A Good Male Is Difficult To Discover– Flannery O’Connor

While the idea of grace appears like the last style in this story of murder and selfishness, it is really represented rather frequently and as a big part of the story line. “A Good Man is Tough to Find” focuses mainly on the personalities and qualities of the 2 main characters, granny and The Misfit. These two seem like complete revers, which creates for an extremely interesting comparison when it pertains to their intelligence and capacity for grace in this narrative. The Misfit shows a clear superiority in intelligence through his habits and actions.

The Misfit also has an obvious capability for grace that surpasses the grandma by evaluating his ideas and discussions with the grandmother. The readers can infer that some of the grandma’s traits are being close-minded and selfish. She lies to her grandchildren, grumbles about how today times can not even compare to the supremacy of the past, and controls her kid. The grandmother shows no self-awareness and is not open to reality and the current world around her. Throughout the discussion moments before the granny was shot, her words show these previous points.

She represents obvious lack of knowledge when she attempts to encourage the Misfit that he would never do this which eliminating a lady is incorrect. It is like she understands him and understands how he thinks and clearly she does not. The granny believes he will do what she says even if of her worths and what she thinks is right in this situation; Lack of knowledge at its finest. While these points reveal the weak point of the grandmother, they likewise show the superiority of the Misfits intelligence in comparison. The whole time the Misfit intends to kill the family. Although there may have been moments of grace, completion result was inevitable.

Due to the fact that of the Misfit’s age, real-world experience, and physical construct and the arms he brings, he has a clear one- up in intelligence in this circumstance. The grandmother is just pleading for her survival at this point, while the Misfit is in control. He bears a weapon that figures out life or death in these very moments. The Misfit has a clear strategy for execution of the doomed family. First the parents and children are killed in the woods and the grandmother is saved for last. The Misfit has needed to experience much more of the real life than has the family.

He has actually had various tough times and obstacles to overcome, while the grandma and her family have actually lived protected compared to him. Now, the granny is positioned in a very real circumstance and does not know how to manage it successfully which gives the Misfit a clear benefit for control. All her life, the grandmother has put herself greater than everybody else and is now forced to do the opposite and her life depends on it. This intense indication of weakness is foreign to the grandmother and is what eventually gets her killed when placed against somebody of greater intelligence.

Capacity for grace is an ongoing style represented in trouble the Misfit and the grandma. The Misfit reveals more capability for grace than does the grandma. During the grandma’s plead to keep her life, she is really consistent in her argument and remains true to her thinking that she thinks he is a good male and that he would never kill a girl, generally putting words in his mouth and ideas in his head. She does not back down from her beliefs and keeps attempting to convince him not to kill her, which is the only thing crossing her mind at that moment.

Throughout her argument, she speaks about Jesus and his actions and despite the fact that the Misfit places on a hard facade, we discover that later in the book, his values change from originally mentioning that “there is no satisfaction in life however meanness,” transitioning to “there is no enjoyment in life at all.” This reveals a little grace and capability of modification in the Misfit that is not present in the grandmother whatsoever.

These two characters were very unlikely receivers of any grace, however the Misfit showed more towards the grandma by not shooting her instantly and altering his values considerably. An Excellent Guy is Tough to Find,” shows the conflict in between 2 incredibly various characters which produces a really intriguing contrast in between them. The Misfit takes the lead in both intelligence and capacity for grace when put up against the granny. He is more informed in real world situations while she is ignorant and unaware; also the Misfit reveals more willingness to alter than does the granny from her old, obstinate ways. The Misfit is an unlikely prospect to fit these roles however his actions and ideas show otherwise throughout the story.