A raisin in the sun-Beneatha represents a modern day women

A raisin in the sun-Beneatha represents a modern women

!.?.!? To what level does Beneatha represent the modern day or twenty first century female? In the twenty first century one can always imagine how a female should be or what she ought to consist of, times have changed therefore have traditions, we now live in a time where females are provided free reign and opportunity to express themselves in any method. Beneatha represents the modern woman to max degree by demonstrating how she can fight versus the standard too achieve as she chooses, to strive for the stars with no one holding her back.

Beneatha faces every challenge head initially prepared for fight to win the right to be who she wants to be. An example of how Beneatha represents a twenty first century woman would remain in her selected profession choice. Beneatha wishes to be a doctor which in its self is a taboo and unheard of task for a female duration, not consisting of the truth the Beaneatha is a black female. Contemporary lady hold the exact same tasks as men and should have the exact same respect, in the time frame that we are looking at that was not the case.

We can see that Beneatha shows terrific thinking and determination abilities to be able to accomplish the accomplishment of wishing to become a physician during that time, therefore making her a fantastic representations of a modern day or twenty very first century female, As Beneatha herself stated “I am not thinking about being somebody’s little episode in America … Or among them” Beneatha has no interest in just simply being a spouse, staying at home taking care of the children and preserving your home. Beneatha has dreams of being successful and since of that she refuses to worship males.

As represented with George her suitor for a while who just wanted to reveal her off and have her on his arm. Instead of listening to what she had to say and wanting to have constructive discussions with her. Beneatha soon reached her end with this and left him for somebody more down t earth Asagai. This shows how she represents a modern day woman because in the twenty very first century ladies are shown to be more than simply house wives Beneatha their husbands, they are now revealed as equivalents tot here better half collaborating acquiring the exact same respect as men.