A Raisin in the Sun: Does Money Really Bring Happiness?

A Raisin in the Sun: Does Cash Actually Bring Happiness?Does money really bring joy? This concerns has actually been asked over and over throughout history yet there is no genuine answer for it. The only method to know is to learn from experiences. In Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun the characters are captured up in caring excessive about money, and it impacts them all in several choices that they make such as Ruth wanting to get an abortion, Mama buying them a house, and Walter buying the alcohol shop. Ruth wishing to get an abortion shows that cash has a huge impact the character’s actions in the story. She is a woman of about thirty who has actually given up on life, but she is a kind woman who cares a lot about her family. She is referred to as” a pretty girl, now it appears that life ahs been little bit that she anticipated, and disappointment has actually already started to hang in her face(Raisin in the Sun, p. 610).”Ruth understands that the household does not have sufficient cash, and that they are constrained into a little house. When she learns that she is pregnant, she decides she is going to have an abortion since she feels they just do not have any money to support another child. Her spouse, Walter, does not think she actually thinks about doing this, and informs

his mother that Ruth would never ever do that. Ruth then enters into the room and tells him he is wrong and that she has already put down a deposit on the abortion (p. 639 ). Another manner in which cash is an influence to the characters in the story is when Mama receives the insurance check and buys a house for the family. At the start of the story all anyone can speak about is if Mom has actually received her check in the mail. Everyone just keeps asking each other about it. Whether it is Walter asking or perhaps his child, Travis, it

is the only thing everyone in your house can think about. The check that Mom is getting is an insurance check from the death of her hubby. When the check lastly does come all anybody can speak about is what she is going to make with the cash. The money is not that essential to Mama and she even states,”I spec if it wasn’t for you all … I would simply put that money away or provide it to the church or something, (p. 36 )”but due to the fact that she is a kind woman who worries about her family she decides to take some of the money and go purchase a home. Everyone is really excited to hear this news except Walter who is really disturbed by it. He feels that is makes his mom the leader of the family and not him. He tells her that she butchered a dream of his (p. 651). The last way that money affects a character in the story is when Walter invests in the alcohol store with his buddy, Willy Harris. Walter is an extremely depressed guy who feels that cash would alter everything for the much better. He feels that he has never gotten his opportunity to be successful in life

and do fantastic things since he has always been poor. Walter is dissatisfied with his job and thinks that he does not get the regard he should have. After Mama gets the money in the mail, and she heads out and purchases your home Walter becomes more upset then ever. To try and make him feel better his mom chooses to give him the remainder of the money to hold for the family. Mama offers Walter sixty-five thousand dollars and tells him the next day he is to go to the bank and put three thousand away for his sibling, Beneatha’s, college fund and the rest he is to put

in a bank account under his name where he will make all of the decisions on it (p. 658 ). Walter is very happy to have actually been relied on with all of the money, it is all he has ever desired. He chooses to take it all and invest it in the alcohol store with 2 of his good friends, without even putting any away for his sis. His friend, Bobo, comes to your home a couple days later on and informs him that the man they trusted with the cash, Willy, has entrusted to it and is nowhere to be found. Walter has lost all of their

cash, they are right back where they began. Money can be an extremely bad thing when it is taken too seriously. Money considerably influences most of the decisions for the characters in A Raisin in the Sun, whether it is negatively like Ruth getting an abortion or Walter losing all the family’s money by trusting somebody or it is positively when Mom purchases your house for the household. Money does not bring happiness it simply depends on how you look at it.