A Raisin in the Sun Family Theme

A Raisin in the Sun Family Theme

Household In” A Raisin in the sun”, Lorriane Hansberry illustrates numerous elements of human nature, particularly household. Family is revealed in different methods. Mother strongly believes in the importance of family throughout the book. She continues to attempt to keep them together by satisfying their dreams prior to hers. As they go through attempting times but come together as a household at the end of the play when they need to the majority of. They are still strong people but together they show they are a strong family.

Throughout the book the Younger family is continuously arguing about what Mom ought to do with the 10 thousand dollars she acquired from her other half. “I-I simply seen my family break down today … Just falling under pieces in front of my eyes we could not have actually gone on like we were today (Hansberry91)” Mama is attempting to tell her household that these arguments about the money are tearing her family apart. She desired them to understand that she did the right thing by buying your house, Believing it would make her household pleased once again.

Mother might have invested the cash on herself, however she selected her household first and their needs that is what families provide for each other, they put their member of the family requires before theirs. Strong household is important particularly going through trying times.” There ain’t absolutely nothing worth hanging on to cash, dreams absolutely nothing else- if it suggests to destroy my young boy (Hansberry 106)”. Mama thinks that there is nothing more vital than her son, even cash and her own dreams. This holds true in the majority of households, Although it may be hard moms and dads delay their own dreams.

Mama is a caring person who enjoys her son. Families must be thankful for what they have.” Now when you say your prayers tonight you thank god for your grandpa since it was him who offered you your home in his way(Hansberry 106) Mom is informing Travis to be glad for his grandfather who bought him your house with his hard work. Families need to be thankful for what they have. In some cases households forget to thank other family members for what they have and not to take it all for approved.

In” A Raisin in the Sun” the style of family is expressed in various methods. The Younger family realizes they do not require cash. What they required the whole time was family. In the start of the play they were in consistent battles with one another. By the end they found a method to work together. They all had various personalities and various dreams, They all came together in the end. The Youngers are the true definition of what a family is. They all supported each other and assisted each other through tough times and took care of one another.