A Raisin In The Sun Reading Logs

A Raisin In The Sun Reading Logs

A Raisin In The Sun: Reading Logs Act 1 Day1: Walter approaches Ruth with compassion however Ruth denies him at? rst. This informs Walter something is wrong and her being distressed could foreshadow complica? ons between them. Ruth wishes for a new life. Day2: Walter talks about a dream of owning an alcohol store. He has the concept of ge? ng some cash from his Mom. Ruth denies him and disregards his dreams. They enter into a? ght on how ineffective each other are, comparing themselves to white people. Beneatha (nicknamed Bennie), the sis of Walter, is introduced.

All of them argue on Beneatha’s profession option of becoming a medical professional, just how much medical school will cost, and they argue about Mama’s insurance money in basic. Walter leaves for work and Mama is introduced. Mother shares past history about how things were planned but didn’t go accordingly, Big Walter, and losing a kid named Claude. Day3: Mother is spiritual and Beneatha is taking Guitar lessons. Ruth and Mama talk about how Beneatha changes air conditioning? vi? es a lot. Beneatha’s boyfriend George is shallow however rich. Beneatha describes George’s household/ the

Murchison’s as stuck up snobs. Beneatha admits she does not believe in god. Mother slaps her and makes her “think” while she is in your home. Day4: Ruth informs Beneatha was a kid. Mom admits there is something unknown in between her and the household. Ruth attempts to comfort Mother. Mom compares the children to the dying however s? ll alive plant on the window. This symbolizes that the children have a? gh? ng spirit, much like the plant. Ruth falls unconscious. The next morning Mom lies to Travis that Ruth is running her errands.

As soon as Travis runs out your house, Mother tells Beneatha that Ruth is actually in the medical facility. Beneatha welcomes Joseph Asagai over while she is cleaning. She begs for Mom to humiliate her. Ruth gets home demonstrating how she is two months pregnant. Travis got in difficulty for having fun with a rat. Asagai comes over and offers Beneatha “robes” and speak about their youth. He says “I would do far more for you,” And assures to call her on Monday. This might foreshadow a forbidden love or a complica? on of love. Asagai modifications his tone to a more courteous fashion while speaking to Mother.

Asagai is from Nigeria. Day5: Mother’s check was available in. Ruth is concealing something from the household. Mother does not want Walter to invest into the liquor store. Walter wants a brighter future. He speaks about how his job being a chau5eur is not a job at all. Walter thinks cash is life. This could make him do irra? onal decisions in the long run. Mom is generally calling Walter and his sibling unappreciative. Ruth was preparing to get an abor? on. Walter leaves and Mother compares him to his dad. She states that he is a disgrace to his memory.