A Raisin In The Sun Summary — Dreams And Aspirations

A Raisin In The Sun Summary– Dreams And Goals

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is a play about the Youngers, a poor black family living in the south side of Chicago. They all have dreams and aspirations. Sometimes, their dream is so powerful that it will explode and in other cases, they let their dream lay dormant, however every member of the family does have a dream. In the play A Raisin in the Sun, Walter, Beneatha and Mama are dreaming about a better life in the future; through the accomplishment and failure of their dreams the characters grow.

Walter has actually always wanted to be rich, not just to be rich however to be successful and to have the respect of an effective man. Walter works for a rich, old white guy. Walter feels that by generating income and being rich, he will be able to manage a better house, use better clothes, and send his kids to better schools. Eventually, to have a better life than the one he has now. To accomplish this, Walter works his task and invests his mother’s insurance cash in an alcohol organisation wanting to make a lot of cash.

He is so figured out, that he even steals his sister, Beneatha’s portion of the insurance coverage cash and invests it likewise. In the end, Willy Harris, runs off with the insurance cash and all of the other financial investments. Mama’s dream is to own a home with a garden, but she enables her dream to be varied for the good of her household. Mama has a little plant that she keeps in her window. The plant is raggedy however Mama waters it and tends to it and it seems to represent to Mom, her kids’s dreams. Despite the fact that she didn’t provide much, they, like the plant grew.

Mom realizes her dream by participating of her insurance coverage cash and putting a deposit on a house in Clyborne Park, an all white neighborhood. When the household hears this, they get worried due to the fact that there have been attacks on colored people in white areas. An agent from the neighborhood comes and uses to purchase your house back from them however Mother declines to give up on her dream. Beneatha, Mother’s daughter and Walter’s sister, is strong willed and more informed than the rest of her household. She wishes to discover her identity and dreams about going to medical school and becoming a doctor.

Beneatha is an atheist who feels that medical professionals have the magnificent power to save lives and she desires it. She strives in school and gets great grades. Beneatha speak with a transfer trainee from Africa, Asagai, about Africa and going back to find her roots. In the end, we see Beneatha remains at house and we are left not knowing whether she guest medical school or not. In A Raisin in the Sun, Walter, Beneatha and Mom are Dreaming of a much better life in the future and through the achievement or failure of their dreams, the characters grow.