A Study Of How Yunior Hides From Reality As Highlighted In Junot Diaz’s Book The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

Interpretive Essay

The unique, The Quick Marvelous Life of Oscar Wao, crosses borders in between reality and dream. Junot Díaz take the reader through an intricate story narrated through numerous voices while providing the reader with lots of truths and references, however also embedding magic and myth to the point where the reader starts to question and wonder what’s genuine and what’s not. One such storyteller that often blurred the line in between reality and myth was Yunior. Yunior typically used a specific figure to distort our idea of truth, and this figure was a Golden Mongoose. The Golden Mongoose is a being that blurs the line between fiction and fantasy. This figure comes at times when nobody can actually determine what it is whether it remain in a dream, time of intoxication, or when one is on the edge of death. Each time the Golden Mongoose comes in contact with a character in the novel they are not totally mindful with typical reality, permitting Yunior to even more divulge and enhance the mix of magic and real life.

Throughout the novel we discover that although Yunior looks like the cool macho man that gets all the women, he likewise has an obsession or fixation on history and fantasy. He drops referral after recommendation from Marvel comics, Lord of the Rings, and even knows how to read elvish, while at the very same time offering us lessons on the history of the Dominican Republic. With that in mind there’s no surprise why Yunior would want to put a supernatural spin on his narration of the lives of the De Leon household. We see Yunior distort truth from fiction for the very first time when he is telling Beli’s story. Yunior illustrates the Mongoose as a sort guardian angel that attempts to protect and save members of the De Leon household. After Beli has actually been kidnapped, beaten to the brink of death, and left for dead in the walking cane fields she can be found in contact with the Golden Mongoose. Here is a description of their encounter. “So as Beli was flitting in and out of life there appeared at her side an animal that would have been a pleasant mongoose if not for its golden eyes and black pelt … you need to increase. My infant, Beli wept. Mi hijo precioso. Hypatía, your child is dead … You have to increase now or you’ll never ever have the boy or the child. What kid? She wailed. What daughter? The ones who wait … you need to follow.”( 149 ). This passage is really interesting due to the fact that Yunior permits the Mongoose to have a full conversation with Beli, making it hard to portray if the Mongoose is genuine or not because Beli talked with it, and it assisted to save her life. The Mongoose is definitely not an evil or deadly figure because it imparts Beli with hope to combat and survive so that she can continue to live and ultimately have her kids. Had the Mongoose not showed up, Beli might not have had the hope and determination to continue on since she was in so much discomfort, her infant was dead, and her lover had abandoned her. What I likewise found interesting was that the Mongoose understood the future. The Mongoose told Beli that she would never have her child and daughter if she didn’t rise, advancing the ramification that the Mongoose has supernatural powers. The Mongoose continues to assist Beli by assisting her out of the cane fields to a roadway where she ultimately get picked up and saved by a band of artists. “However prior to Beli lost hope she heard the animal’s voice. She (for it had a woman’s lilt) was singing! In an accent she could not put Possibly Venezuelan, Possibly Columbian. Sueno, sueno, sueno, como tú te llamas … In some cases she saw the creature’s chabine eyes flashing through the stalks. Yo me llamo sueno de la madrugada.”( 150 ). This passage turned my thinking over to where and when the Mongoose appears. The Mongoose kept duplicating the word sueno, which in Spanish means dream or sleep. This connected me back to how Yunior enables this figure to just exist in a dream-like trance where you are caught in the middle, rather than normal consciousness.

In this next piece of evidence, Yunior did something that I didn’t rather comprehend. Oscar had actually fallen in love with La Jablesse however she began hanging out with another person and quickly their relationship was over. Oscar got actually depressed and wound up getting extremely intoxicated with Yunior. Ultimately Yunior leaves but Oscar keeps drinking and ends up being careless, leaving his dorm and heading for the train tracks. With jumping off the bridge and on to the train tracks on his mind, Oscar experiences the Mongoose. “Closed his eyes (or maybe he didn’t) and when he opened them there was something right out of Ursula Le Guin standing by his side. Later, when he would describe it he would call it the Golden Mongoose, however even he understood that wasn’t what it really was. It was really placid, very lovely. Gold-limned eyes that reached through you, not so much in judgment or reproach, however something far scarier. They looked at each other-it peaceful as a Buddhist, he in overall disbelief-and then the whistle blew once again and his eyes snapped open (or closed) and it was gone.”( 190 ). This passage is very various from the very first in the sense of the interaction in between the Mongoose and in this case Oscar. The Mongoose didn’t state anything to conserve Oscar from his suicide attempt. The Mongoose only exposes itself to Oscar for a minute enough time for him to observe it, but not long enough for him to examine it. In Beli’s encounter with the Mongoose, they in fact have a discussion and the Mongoose appears to have a pretty straight-forward motive of conserving Beli. With Oscar the Mongoose’s intentions aren’t rather clear and that wondered to me. Further thinking connected me back to Yunior and his function in making the Mongoose so mysterious. In an interview between Edwidge Danticat and Junot Diaz, Diaz says that “totalitarians, no matter from what side of the globe they hail, tend to acknowledge the power of word magicians, which is why they so thoroughly look for to manage, negate, or get rid of the narrative competitors” (Diaz). If Yunior had actually integrated the voice of the Mongoose, he wouldn’t have had control of the dream and in turn control of the reader. If he had had Oscar and the Mongoose have a discussion it would not have resonated as strongly due to the fact that the reader would still be questioning if this being is real or simply some kind of magic. By keeping the encounter short and quiet Yunior pushes the readers mind over the border of reality for simply a moment. Another element I found truly intriguing was the fact that Oscar, like when his mom came across the Mongoose, was also in a dream-like trance since he was under the influence of alcohol. His eyes were open (or closed) that makes me think about when people attempt to keep their eyes open however they close, then open once again, then close, which is as close as it gets to “dreaming” while being awake. I believe Yunior offered the reader with this concept of Oscar’s eyes being open (or closed) to leave the information that he is providing up for interpretation. By stating the Oscars eyes could have been opened, or closed, means that he isn’t sure that what he is saying is one hundred percent precise, that possibly some parts need to be interpreted and that’s where Yunior skillfully finds ways to slip in his love for fantasy.

In this last piece of proof, Yunior decides to tell us about Oscar’s last encounter with the Mongoose. Oscar is available in contact with the Mongoose again after he has actually been beaten to death by the Captain’s men. Like his mother years earlier, he was left for dead in the cane fields and was extremely near passing away. Had it not been for Clives, a household good friend, following the hooligans to where they dropped Oscar, nobody would have known he was there. Clives follows a mystical singing voice and with an accompanying gust of wind finds Oscar and conserves him. Later Oscar remembers a dream he had with the Mongoose. “Oscar keeps in mind having a dream where a mongoose was talking with him. Other than the mongoose was the Mongoose. What will it be, muchacho? It required. Basically? And for a minute he practically stated less … Less! Less! Less! But then in the back of his head he remembered his household. Lola and his mother and Nena Inca. Kept in mind how he used to be when he was younger and positive … More, he croaked.—- -, said the Mongoose …” (301 ). For the 3rd time Yunior depicts the encounter with the Mongoose in another truth, this time in a real dream. The Mongoose appears before Oscar in his minute of desperation and conserves his life by asking the easiest question; basically? By making Oscar concern what he really wanted in life, it exposed to him that he required to live and that he couldn’t quit. When once again Yunior switched up his motives, and in turn the Mongoose’s motives. Yunior seemed to mix Beli’s encounter and Oscar’s very first encounter together. Oscar and the Mongoose had a real discussion while he remained in the dream, similar to Beli, however the dashes that Yunior contributes to represent what the Mongoose stated resembles the ambiguity of Oscar’s very first encounter when the Mongoose said absolutely nothing. I believe Yunior does this since he wanted to offer the reader with a solid structure for analysis of the discussion. The Mongoose talking at the start of the dream makes the reader curious regarding what it would say at the end, and when Yunior leaves us with three blank areas of the Mongoose’s final response we can do absolutely nothing but translate and comprise what we think the Mongoose stated. After reading a passage in Bomb Publication about Junot Diaz by Edwidge Danticat I started to connect what she stated with the quote that I selected in the book. “I believe dictators want to silence writers because they want to be the only ones speaking” (Danticat). It made sense to me that Yunior desired the voice of the Mongoose to be silenced. Yunior (who in some cases can be seen as a dictator-like figure) didn’t desire the reader to understand what the Mongoose needed to say. Since if it was something that would make us react or think in a way that Yunior didn’t want us to feel or think about then he wouldn’t have control over what he desires us to believe. By silencing the Mongoose and giving the reader blank lines, Yunior insures that in the end just his voice is being heard. The final encounter with the Mongoose might likewise have actually been the most wonderful encounter considering that the discussion actually occurred in a dream whereas the other encounters were in dream-like stages amplifying Yunior’s love for the books underlying genre of wonderful realism.

While composing this a concern and concept concerned my mind. What if the Mongoose isn’t really the one conserving Beli and Oscar? Possibly it’s really simply an object, or manifestation of Zafa that imparts ideas and feelings of hope, strength, nerve, and decision. The Mongoose was likewise accompanied by instances of magic such as the singing and gusts of wind further indicating that it had to have been more than simply the Mongoose, however Zafa too. Throughout the whole book Yunior weaves aspects of dream and magic in the kind of Zafa while not permitting us to wander off too far from what is genuine. It seems as if he’s composing this book to express himself the method Oscar always had throughout his quick and marvelous life. Oscar always blogged about what he liked, and that was something that always brought him joy in life. Yunior went after women around and was popular, but still he wasn’t always happy. Oscar may have taught Yunior his most important life lesson which is to do what you love. We know Yunior ended up being an instructor in composition and imaginative writing and with his understanding of sci-fi and real life history, this book was bound to be composed. By composing this book Yunior makes his readers question what is genuine, what isn’t genuine, and everything in between.