A Study Of The Theme Of Sibling Rivalry As Depicted In Harper Lee’s Novel To Kill A Mockingbird

” With that I was gone. ‘You damn morphodite. I’ll kill you!’ He was sitting on a bed, and it was easy to grab his front hair and land one on his mouth. He slapped me and I attempted another left, but a punch in the stomach sent me stretching on the floor. It almost knocked the breath out of me, however it didn’t matter because I knew he was battling, he was battling me back. We were still equals.

‘Ain’t so high and mighty now, are you!’ I shrieked, sailing in again … We were still struggling when Atticus separated us.” (Chapter 12, Page 184)

In this passage from To Eliminate a Mockingbird, Harper Lee reveals Scout and Jem combating. She shows that they don’t only battle verbally, as revealed when Jem told Scout “You damn morphodite”, however they do battle physically also. It shows on the very same page that Scout demonstrated how she discovers Jem’s “Supremacy” was really frustrating her. She simply got so irritated on how Jem was attempting so hard to act so grown up. Right prior to they began combating, Jem was threatening to “Spank” her if she outrages Auntie Alexandra. This triggered her to get maddened by his exceptional attitude from how bossy he acts. From here, she immediately loses it and turned it into a physical battle. Throughout the fight, Scout got injured extremely bad by Jem, however she didn’t appear to care because he was battling back.Scout shouts “Ain’t so high and mighty now, are you”, indicating how she understood that what he was doing isn’t grow at all which he is no different from her. After that, Atticus needed to stop them from battling and separated them.

In this passage, I can extremely well associate with Hunt herself. But for me, it wasn’t brother or sister rivalry, I have had issues with my own cousin who is just 1/2 a year older than me. Although he isn’t even that much older then me or much better than me in many things, he still acts all “high and magnificent”, kind of like Jem. I can state that I kinda am like Scout, given that we both appear to have childish like qualities. I, myself, have found myself having battles, such as this with my older cousin for the same factor. Honestly, if I was in Scout’s shoe, I would have probably done the very same thing, since often I lose it and begin physical battles, mostly when people bother me for absolutely no reason. Sometimes, I typically simply attempt keeping my mouth shut, which Scout seemed to be attempting to do right prior to this passage. But just like Scout, I lose it entirely and begin fighting, the majority of the time it’s verbally however it’s primarily physical. And, similar to how Jem and Scout were displayed in this passage, we had a moms and dad different us so we could stop fighting. And much like Scout, I generally fight him to only show him that he truly is no much better than me, which is how I can connect to her in this passage.