A View of Prejudice as Described in Lorraine Hansberry’s Play, A Raisin In The Sun

A Raisin in the Sun

A raisin in the sun is a play about an African American family that is going to receive an inheritance due to the fact that of a death in the family. In this play their is sexism, bigotry, and many other cultural distinctions that we might not have actually had the ability to see if we were not in the minority till this play.

The African American household in this play is the Younger family there are five youngers residing in one studio apartment. I think the most crucial family member is Mother, she is the glue to the whole household and keeps everybody in line. Then there’s Walter lee Younger which is mamas child he works as a driver and believes he is head of the household. Walters wifes name is Ruth she typically minds her own service more than the remainder of the household. Mother’s children name is Beneatha younger she is an aspiring medical professional and she knows she can do it even with her being an African American female. Then there’s the youngest which you do not really hear a lot about he is walter and ruth’s son his name is travis all he wishes to do is have a genuine house.

A Raisin in the Sun is a play about the Younger household and it is based in the 1950s while bigotry and sexism were still taken extremely severe by lots of. The Youngers will receive an insurance check for ten-thousand dollars which was a lot back in the 1950s. they are getting this check since Mr. Younger mom’s husband passed away and left them cash to look after themselves since he worked until the day he passed away.

Everybody in the more youthful family want something various out of the inheritance cash. Mama wishes to buy a house where her family will not need to struggle anymore. Mamas kid walter wishes to purchase an alcohol shop with his good friends so he can provide the family whatever they require. Beneatha who wants to end up being a doctor desires the money to go towards her schooling so she can help individuals and prove everybody incorrect. Ruth and Travis do not truly want anything particular however, everybody to be pleased.

Ruth finds out that she is pregnant with walters 2nd kid which they do not have any room for and beenie states “where is he going to sleep the roofing” and ruth gets sad and nearly passes out. this reveals that they are all under a lot of stress and ruth feels guilty for having another infant. While mama and beenie understand about the child walter does not discover up until later when beenies friend from africa comes over and they enter the space. Beneatha has a friend from africa bring her things from his homeland so she seems like she is discovering her real self which is saying that she doesn’t know who she actually is and she is supposed to be the one with the strong mind on her shoulders.

When the inheritance shows up walter is has a worried breakdown and leaves your home for a week or so and mother goes searching for him. mom doesn’t like seeing her boy sad so she ultimately ends up providing walter half the money stating to put two thousand in a savings account for bennie his younger sis schooling and to keep the rest for himself. the cash that mama gave walter never ever gets taken into a savings account and winds up getting taken by his buddy Willy Harris.Walter never gets to accomplish his imagine having a liquor shop.

Meanwhile when walter was losing over half of the inheritance cash mom is buying a home that will fit their needs, is in a good neighborhood, and is in her spending plan. Your home that she chooses isn’t in an African American area and so she gets a visit from the inviting committee. A man named Mr. Karl Linder is the inviting committee and at first the Youngers believe he is a great man and that he wishes to help but, then they learn that he just wants to pay them off to not live in the white neighborhood. the white guy says that he does not want to mess up the block with just how much the people who live their work for what they have by “particular kind of people relocating”. This causes the Youngers to end up being better and relocate to the new house.

Throughout the play their are times that i questioned why would or rather how could individuals be so set on ruining other individuals lives. I matured with several raced people around me throughout my life so i will never totally comprehend the thought procedure of racist individuals. The Youngers appear to be represented as hard working people and they want whats best for their household it does not make a difference what color they are i would of still enjoyed it the same without any judgement.

Racism in the housing market has been peppered with bigotry even up into modern times. The racism that remains in the housing industry today are not only Towards African Americans its hispanics, whites, and any race. White people can be put out of their house by hispanics that are in gangs and even by other white individuals throughout the united states. But, the majority of the racism is pointed toward hispanics and how everybody thinks if you are colored you require to be a gang member of if you dress a specific method you are a gang member. We see it daily on the news how policemans are even racist and detain individuals for no factor. No one understands it takes place in the neighborhoods likewise. I have seen individuals get shot of terribly hurt by people that are supposedly safeguarding their community, Everybody is a victim of some sort of bigotry in their life even when we are more youthful. I do not think that individuals need to not feel safe in their own home since of neighborhood bigotry. In the CBS news Ilyce Glink says “Although we’ve come a long method from outright, in-your-face real estate oppression, racial discrimination still exists,” stated HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan. “Just because it’s ended up being less apparent does not mean that it’s less hazardous.” This declaration is entirely real lots of people die because of community racism.

Racism in A Raisin in the Sun is nearly sickening to many people and i hope that more people see this play to assist get the word out about how African American people were treated in the 1950s. Racism is still alive today through neighborhoods that want one color out of their neighborhood which is not right either. I hope individuals ultimately find out how not to be racist.