A View of the Presentation of Moral Corruption As Depicted By Flannery O’Connor in His Book, a Good Man Is Hard To Find, And By Gabriel Garcia Marquez In, a Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

The Wickedness of Human Beings Checked Out Through Elements of Fiction

Flannery O’Connor’s story “A Great Man is Difficult to Find” and Gabriel Marquez’s story “A Very Old Male with Massive Wings” are extremely different in nature, however share a typical theme throughout. This theme is the wickedness of people, and in the context of this essay, that merely means that people are imperfect and wicked and their actions show that. By taking a look at a couple of comparable components of each story, it is possible to see how the authors used each of them to communicate this theme of human depravity. Aspects like character and setting are utilized by O’Connor and Marquez to express this style to their readers. Each of these writer do well to consist of lots of elements of fiction, however the two mentioned above will be evaluated in this essay to see how they are utilized to bring about the theme.

Flannery O’Connor is a twentieth century author from America. She passed away early at the age of thirty-nine, however she still handled to publish a good quantity of fiction works (Norton, 540). O’Connor’s story, “A Great Man is Difficult to Find”, starts with a family planning a trip to Florida, and then it turns sort of dark at the end, which is hinted at by foreshadowing “The Misfit” that is on the loose, who got away jail and was likewise headed to Florida. They experience the Misfit after crashing their car, and it turns fatal after an unusual discussion in between the grandma and the Misfit.

Gabriel Marquez is also a twentieth century writter. He is initially from Colombia, however eventually moved to Spain in 1967. Like O’Connor, he too wrote a great deal of fiction, and he even won a Nobel Reward for Literature in 1982 (Norton 406). Marquez’s “An Older Man with Enormous Wings” is a story about an old guy with massive wings who looks like an angel and is taken in by a household. The couple, Pelayo and Elisenda, discovered him in their yard and brought him in. They quickly see this man is very intelligent and because of his wings he makes the couple lean towards thinking that he is an angel. Pelayo winds up locking him up. Ultimately, word of this guy goes out, and lots of people concern see the “Angel” to ask for miracles. People soon begin to lose interest because the miracles they desired did not take place, as well as a freak show that drew their attention away.

The characters in both stories are utilized by the authors to communicate the concept that human beings are sinful, flawed, and jagged. In the story of “A Great Male is Hard to Find”, we see a family who simply wanted to go on a nice getaway and it wound up being a dreadful experience for them. On their trip, Red Sammy, a small character, mentions that “a great guy is difficult to discover”, hinting that the world is ruined and full of wicked people (Norton 547). Their experience on their trip and Red Sammy’s words merely reveal the theme of human wickedness.

The character of the Misfit is violent and unreasonable. He is a left found guilty, which merely just adds to the reality that he remains in the incorrect. The Misfit is plainly wicked and misaligned. There are no other words for him and his act of killing the family. Nevertheless, although jagged and evil, the Misfit looked for spiritual and moral assistance, however his convictions are a lot different than a regular person like the grandma. His convictions were strong and consistence, however not ethically right to anybody but himself.

O’Connor contrasts the Misfit with the granny in the story. The grandmother also had convictions of her own, these being faith in Jesus. Her convictions, although traditionally ethical, were weak, and she failed to consistently live them out. It is plainly seen that the Misfit is wicked and crooked, but the grandma is still wicked and flawed too. The grandma acted like she had it all together, however yet her convictions fail to withstand the challenges produced by the Misfit. She is simply another example of how people are not perfect. Even when they seem to have it all together, they are still flawed.

In Marquez’s “An Older Man with Huge Wings”, we see an old male with wings who requires help and is taken in by a family. The characters that take him in are Pelayo and Elisenda. In the beginning, Pelayo was kind to the guy. He offered shelter for him and looked after him. Nevertheless, this generosity was brief lived, and Pelayo ended up locking the old male up in a chicken cage. Whether out of fear or some other reason, Pelayo’s action was simply wrong. It is inhuman to lock anybody up versus their will, especially an old male who clearly requires help. Pelayo’s defects do not stop there. He permitted and even charged admission for individuals to come take a look at the old man with wings. Anybody with good sense can see how incorrect this is. Pelayo had to have actually been won over by greed to permit this dreadful act to occur, which, once again, goes to show the theme of human depravation. His character exposes the flaws and crookedness in all of mankind. He was simply a typical person, however when tempted he stopped working, and it just shows how people can doing evil in pursuit of their own desires.

Pelayo’s partner, Elisenda, remains in the exact same boat as Pelayo. She may not have been as included with holding the old man as a detainee and tourist attraction, however she sat by and let it occur. For that reason, Elisenda is just as guilty as Pelayo for that action. She was mainly frustrated with him throughout the story, which is paradoxical since she was the one holding him captive and profiting off of him. The depravity of Elisenda is easily translucented her obliviousness to the reality that keeping the old male as a detainee was incorrect. As for both Pelayo and Elisenda, they did not even seem to have any conviction or guilt for their actions what so ever. The story just mentions Elisenda’s reaction, however it was a sigh of relief, not a realization of his wrong (Norton 441). As soon as again, this simply goes to show how wicked and problematic humans are.

The setting of the stories assist expose the style of human wickedness in a different method than the characters do. The setting assists assist in the action of the story and enables the characters to act and respond based off what is around them. For instance, in “An Excellent Male is Tough to Find”, if the household had actually not remained in Florida, then there would be no fear of encountering the Misfit. For that reason, the style of human depravity that O’Connor wished to reveal through the Misfit might not occur.

The setting of the story continuously alters to enable the action of the plot to unfold and for the theme to be developed. Taking a look at O’Connor’s story again enables us to see this occur. The setting relocations from the grandparent’s house, to taking a trip in their automobile, to a restaurant, back to a cars and truck, and then to a wreck on the side of the roadway. Each of these settings allowed for different aspects of the theme to be revealed. For example, if they had actually not stopped at the restaurant, then the discussion with Sammy Red about the poor state the world was in would not have of occurred. This is how setting is used to communicate the theme to the readers. It is not a direct indicator of the style in this case, but it assists in the portrayal of it.

In Marquez’s story of “An Older Guy with Huge Wings”, the style is brought out in a various way by utilizing the setting. In the story, the family that took in the old man is your regular family, with a typical home, with normal individuals around them. The setting is not expected to be some crazy location wonderful location, but simply just a normal community. With a regular setting like this, it produces a sharp contrast with the unusual old guy and the inhuman actions of the household. Marquez’s contrast permits readers to see how typical individuals are flawed and can be evil sometimes, and it lets the style of human depravity be plainly easily. If the setting was some unusual or wonderful place, then the readers would have a more difficult time seeing the wrong in the story.

O’Connor and Marquez both use aspects of fiction in order to expose and develop a theme throughout their stories. In specific, the use of character and setting in these two stories are utilized interact the idea of human depravity. Without an excellent use of fictional elements, it would be difficult for writers to clearly communicate themes and ideas throughout a story. However, both O’Connor’s and Marquez’s stories succeed to interact styles and concepts using these elements of fiction.