While Reading the Crucible, the Term “Breaking” Charity Was Typically Seen in the Discussion

Act 1 the Crucible

Act 1 Essay In the play The Crucible, our setting starts in the spiritual town of Salem. During the time of the play, the popular Salem witch trials were starting to grow. While reading The Crucible, the term “breaking” charity was typically seen in the discussion. Its significance is to treat wrongfully or betray. A few of the characters in the play “break” charity throughout the acts such Abigail, John Proctor, and Corey Giles. Abigail is the first to be the one to “break” charity.

You could say she is the primary factor for the Salem Witch Trials to have actually even begun. Her compulsive lying and backstabbing of much of her friends reveals that she has actually broken charity. She accused many varieties of innocent ladies of being witches or utilizing witchcraft including her servant, Tituba. By her accusations, she had actually ratted out her buddies and individuals that believed Abigail was a friend. Her requirement to lie instead of informing the fact and making up false stories reveals she has strayed far from charity.

John Proctor is the second character in the play that has broken charity. He believes his affair with Abigail irreparably harmed him in the eyes of God, his better half Elizabeth, and himself. By having the affair with Abigail, he has betrayed and dealt with Elizabeth mistakenly. She is nothing however a fantastic lady and wife however by his decision to romance with Abigail, their trust is broken therefore is his charity. Corey Giles is the final character in the play that “breaks” charity.

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Giles’s other half likes to sit in corner and check out a book in which she won’t let him see. Giles talks about his better half’s strange habits and soon she is convicted of witchcraft. By talking about his partner’s peculiar methods, he has betrayed her and sentenced her to a trial. If he had just kept his mouth shut and talked with his better half, he wouldn’t have broken charity and she would not remain in the mess that Corey had produced her. The play The Crucible brings up the idea of “breaking” charity.

The fine examples of Abigail, John, and Corey reveal that it is simple to stray from doing good and “break” charity. It is simple to criticize and disagree with people and by doing so does not suggest you “break” charity with that person. It merely means you express your viewpoint which I do not believe either Abigail, John, nor Corey understood. The effect of “breaking” charity makes you lose all sight of who you are and the morals you represent.