American Dream – Of Mice and Men

The book Of Mice and Men follows George and Lennie on their Journey to reach the American Dream. Although the American Dream can vary from individual to individual, the main objective of the dream is to acquire something they prefer. George and Lennie’s objective is to have their own land and make their own choices.

“Someday-we’re gon na get the jack together and we gon na have a little home and a couple of acres” (Steinbeck 14). To reach their dream, George lies for Lennie since of his psychological disabilities.

Even hough George is lying, it doesn’t jeopardize his moral character because he is doing this to secure Lennie. Later in the book, Lennie accidentally murders Curleys spouse to avoid himself from getting in difficulty. Some may argue it compromises his ethical character, but due to his mental disabilities he wasn’t able to know his actions were wrong. George and Lennie were not able to accomplish the American Dream, however they did try to achieve it without compromising their moral character.

Curlers better half also had an American Dream. Her dream is to go to Hollywood and remain in movies, however she wasn’t able to do this since of her mother. “I wasn’t gon na remain no place where I could not … make something of myself … So I wed Curley’ (Steinbeck 88). On her way to reach her dream, she wasn’t constantly sincere. She didn’t remain real to her moral character by settling to marry Curley. If she would have remained real to her morals, she might have had a much better possibility at reaching her dream. “A man requires somebody-to be near him.

A man goes nuts if he ain’t got obody’ (Steinbeck 72). The stable dollar, Crooks, believes the American Dream is to have a buddy. This may seem to be an easy dream, however due to the time duration, it was in fact rather complicated. Crooks is African American and therefore looked down upon by the other employees. Nobody wants to be friends with a man like Crooks. Criminals accepted his fate of never having the ability to accomplish his dream, however remained true to his moral character by not going out of his method to make the guys like him.