An Analysis of the Literary Elements to Portray the Theme in A Good Man is Hard to Find, a Short Story by Flannery O’Connor


The authors utilize literary elements to straight communicate with their readers. Literary components make a story interesting and satisfying to the readers. In the story “A Good Male is Tough to Find”, the author, O’Connor uses different literary aspects to highlights the consequences of failing to conform to societal rules (O’Connor, 2015). This paper goes over literary elements used by the author to portray the theme of the story through the use of dispute, setting and characterization.

In the story, there is a component of dispute between the great and the evil. In the story, the lead character, the granny is depicted as an individual who follows the rules of the society (O’Connor, 2015). She has the favorable behaviors which has actually enabled her to prevent wrong doings thus possible repercussions. On the other hand, there is the wicked person; the misfit who does not follows the guidelines of the society. Dispute in this story does occur in the story when the granny attempts to form the habits of the misfit. The use of conflict in the story highlights the need to make best options failure to which there are consequences.

Setting is also another literary aspect utilized by the author to represent the style of the story. The story was set in Atlanta, and it depicts different social standards throughout that particular time (O’Connor, 2015). The setting more represents state violation of civil rights which set off civil rights movement which demanded for change. The setting reflects an altering world and criminal activities in the society. The setting assistance the assumption that guidelines can be broken at times on understandable grounds. The advocacy for equivalent rights was as a result from severe rules enforced in the society where everyone needed to conform to failure to which there were effects.

O’Connor employed characterization to portray the style of the story through the main characters the granny and the Misfit (O’Connor, 2015). The author describes misfit as an enemy with criminal past however on the other hand is a spiritual person. On the other hand, the granny is a character who depicts moral superiority in the story. The grandma supports the assumption that if you do advantages and comply with all societal rules then you would abstain from various forms of punishments. Misfit portrays the difference in between spiritual guidelines and ethical rules (O’Connor, 2015). It plainly shows that one should follows social rules no matter faiths and background.


In conclusion, in every society, there are people who follow the rules while others does not abide to such rules. In spite of the truth that there should be guidelines which governs the conduct of individuals in the society, such guidelines must be reasonable to everyone to prevent oppressing some groups in the society. The short story by O’ Connor illustrated how rules affect various individuals in the society. It likewise highlights grounds when the society can demand for change in the event where they are oppressed by the laws.