Aos: Power – Lord of the Flies

Related Text “Lord of the flies” 1. Summarize the primary ideas/themes of the text. * The loss of innocence * The invariable corruption of power * Savagery vs.

Civilization * The reality of betrayal *——————————– -The influence worry has on people———————————Power is frequently a source of violence in Lord of the Flies. The desire for power breaks down the borders set by rules and order, triggers strife and competition, and governs the actions of many of the young boys on the island. When accomplished, power has the ability to either improve or corrupt its holder. Ralph, the more noble of the two leaders on the island, is

bettered by his position as chief; whereas Jack, the usurper, abuses his power for personal gain.——————————— There are a number of styles in”Lord of the flies”, including innocence, guidelines and order, fear, power, identity and faith. The text shows the audience to be more self-critical, that the reality not to believe in a silver lining of a human being and the defend essential values is what separates the human being from animals. The central style of the text, Lord of the Flies, is power. The different elements of power revealed, is the invariable corruption of power, the truth of betrayal and the influence of worry.

In the text, Jack is the antagonist, his like a dictator; he uses worry to control the kids on the island and manipulates them and utilizes them to his own advantage such as to get food and shelter. Jack utilizes a story of a non-existent beast to control the other boys to follow his orders/ commands. The reason why the boys follow him and sees him as a leader is due to the fact that he guaranteed’security from the monster’. A quote in the text that discusses the monster:”Fancy thinking the Beast was something you might hunt and kill! You understood, didn’t you? I’m part of you? Close, close, close! I’m the reason it’s no go? Why things are what they are? “2. What does this text inform us about power?———————————Power is frequently a source of violence in “Lord of the Flies “. In Lord of the Flies the idea of power is revealed by doing this, picture a world where there were no guidelines, no laws, and no government to supervise the running of the nation. The desire for power breaks down the borders set by guidelines and order, triggers strife and competition, and governs the actions of much of the kids on the island. Once achieved, power has the ability to either enhance or corrupt its holder. Ralph, the more honorable of the two leaders on

the island, is bettered by his position as chief; whereas Jack, the usurper, abuses his power for personal gain. This reveals us 2 different sides of power.——————————– -Power is typically utilized as a source of violence in the text,”Lord of the Flies”. The idea of power is expressed in a different way; imagine a world where there were no rules, no laws, and no federal government to manage the running of the country. In”Lord of the Flies “, to get power was competitive which implied strife. The desire for power breaks down the borders set by guidelines and order. Being the leader meant governing a group of kids on an island. Whenever power is attained, power was either improved or corrupted on the leader. For instance, Ralph and Jack were leaders for separates groups of boys on the island, the boys had their own choice on who they wished to follow. It was between Ralph, the more honorable of the two leaders, who was the more appropriate or improved as being’ primary ‘( leader)and collaborated the young boys to develop a mini civilization on the island, and Jack, the usurper, who used fear and control to abuse his power for individual gain. It was gone over among the kids,”Which is better– to have laws and agree, or to hunt and kill?” With one side that showed liberty and equality, the other was a dictatorship, the text showed two very different sides of power. 3. Comment on the film methods utilized by the composer of this text. How do they contribute to the significance of Power in the text? Brook’s movie opens with a very weird montage consisting of photos of a British boarding school intercut with aircrafts flying over London with a haunting school chorus playing in the background. Brook’s use of grainy black-and-white photography, plus the absence of any extensive musical arrangement( keep in mind Tom Hanks'”Castaway”?), emphasizes the bleakness of its surroundings and feelings of isolation. The film can barely be expected to record completely each and every single intention of this extremely complicated novel(most do not ), however it does respect Golding’s words and captures the very essence of what he wanted to state. For that alone it should be applauded. Brook is able to compose lovely sad visuals. *** SPOILERS *** These include the kinetic editing throughout the hunt for Ralph, Simon’s dead body floating in the water organized by the sad school chorus (dismal minute), Piggy’s tragic death that puts the 1990s remake absurd mirrored scene to embarassment, and the very frightening banquet that occurs at night followed by the dance. That scene, consisting of fast images, frightening close-ups on the savages painted faces———————————It is troubling, haunting, and visually wonderful.———————————In Peter Brook’s film,” Lord of the Flies”, released in 1963 was a black and white film. Although it was black and white film, it’s underrated and it’s still a timeless, this is preferably much better than the new remakes of this movie. Some scenes are considered as disturbing and haunting but visually wonderful. Brook uses an extremely scary montage in the opening scene showing photos of a British boarding school with aircrafts flying over London and a haunting school chorus playing in the background

. Brooke utilizes rough black and white photography and stresses the bleakness of its environments to develop a feeling of seclusion, which associates with a sensation of savagery vs. civilization. With Brook being able to make up lovely unfortunate visuals, he is able produce the scene of Piggy’s disaster with fast images, scary closer-up shots on the savages painted faces of the hunters (Jack’s people). This scene reveals influence of fear, the invariable corruption of power/ losing control and a sense of savagery vs. civilization. 4. How does this text connect to your prescribed text i. e. George Orwell’s Animal

Farm? Link each text by checking out 3 typical elements of Power. * well the power in the lord of the flies is jack’s increase to manage and management. he leads an army of corrupt kids who perform his evil orders(set the island on fire, orders to eliminate ralph, and so on)* in animal farm, napoleon takes the power from snowball and forms a dictatorship. e likewise has minions such as the canines who carry out his tasks and corrupt orders.——————————– -Ralph represents a democracy while Jack represents a totalitarian form of management. lead the boys into savagery———————————Want power, Greed or selfishness bring the destruction of the societies,———————————In Animal Farm

the animals hated the humans and were scared that they may reclaim the farm. Napoleon uses it as a reason to keep the animals working. In Lord for the Flies the littluns hesitate of the”monster”. When Jack, Ralph, and Roger dropped in the beast, which is a parachute and a man, the biguns likewise got frightened.——————————– -The pigs took control and the other animals were in worst condition than they were in when the human beings were in control. The boys wound up disagreeing and killing each other———————————“Lord of the flies” is very similar to the unique Animal Farm by George Orwell. They relate with a common theme of power. However, both are from various context however composed for the very same reason,”Lord of the Flies “is a story of humanity from a navy officer, which served in WWII, while Animal Farm is based on the Russian Transformation. The plot, the characters and the symbols are really similar. 3 typical elements of power in these texts is the desire of power, the control of power, the truth of betrayal. The antagonist in each text, both want power and utilized a belief to manipulate the others. In Animal Farm Napoleon informs the other animals to hate the human beings and they were scared that the people may take the farm back.

Whereas in” Lord of the flies”, Jack tells the littleuns that there is a’beast’on the island and if they worked for him, he would supply them with protection. Another aspect is the control of power, in Animal Farm Napoleon takes the power from Snowball and forms a dictatorship. He utilizes the other animals to work for him, such as the dogs that perform his tasks and corrupt orders. In”Lord of the Flies”, Jack rises to manage and management. He carries out an army of corrupt kids to carry out his wicked orders, similar to Animal Farm. Both Napoleon and Jack represent totalitarian kinds of management. And lastly, the reality of betrayal prevailed in both texts. In Animal Farm the pigs had actually begun to end up being like people, wearing clothing, oversleeping beds, drinking alcohol and playing cards with human beings in the farm house. The other animals saw them through a window and could not tell whether they were pigs anymore or human beings. In”Lord of the Flies”, Jack starts his own tribe with his hunters, the littleuns, he went to take Piggy’s glasses, but Ralph went to search for it, then suddenly Jack stabs Ralph in the back, but thankfully Ralph endured.