Catcher in the Rye by Jerome Salinger

Catcher in the Rye by Jerome Salinger

Catcher in the Rye by Jerome Salinger is based on a 16 year old young man. The story occurs in New York where the main character, a seventeen-year-old Holden Caulfield, has numerous good friends. He was tossed out ofPencey Preparation, together with the two other schools prior to that, and is afraid to gohome and inform his moms and dads. He wassupposed to leave Pencey Preparation on a Wednesday and end up out the semester andthen go home during Christmas break. Rather he leaves a couple of days previously and endeavors out into New YorkCity.

The story focused around thepeople he satisfies and the laces he goes. Throughout the story, Holden has lots of flashbacks, where he remembers thepast and attempts to make sense of the present utilizing the understanding he gainedthrough his previous experiences. He visits lots of real locations such as, Central Park, The American Museum of NaturalHistory, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Holden is a teen boy on the edge of the adult years, and he is justtrying to understand his life and where he stands in it. The literary element characterization played a significant role in this book.

In the story there ere not that manywell-developed characters in the story, however Holden were so well developed youfelt as though you didn’t require the other characters to make the storywork. While checking out the story, it feltas thought the reader belonged to the story, hearing the sounds that Holdenheard, and you felt you remained in the very same location at the very same time. One critic had stated, “? A human beinghad been produced out of ink, paper and the imagination.” He was so very well rounded andthree-dimensional. Likewise, with him beingthe narrator, you might inform what he was believing at every moment.

That brought to life the othercharacters. The narrator would inform hisopinions of them and after that the reader might see them the exact same way Holden wasseeing them, not as if you were taking a look at them through your own eyes. The way Holden associated situations and eventsto everyday things in life made things a lot clearer to the reader and madeit much easier to comprehend why he believed they was he did on specific concerns. The style of Catcher In The Rye canbe mentioned in the following declaration; life is not always fair and people arenot always fair, but you need to attempt to make the best of whatever.

Holden understood numerous people, and some ofthem he didn’t like, however he was always great to them and never attempted to do anythingto intentionally harm them. Also, whenhe got kicked out of Pencey Preparation, he didn’t get a negative attitude and turnagainst everybody. He simply went on withhis life and carried on doing other things. Likewise, while in New York City, he wasn’t able to remain in the very best motelsbut he didn’t complain. He attempted tomake the very best of the situation and remained in the hotel space as little aspossible.

Holden is the type of personthat would want to be some ones good riend, with the exception of his badlanguage and drunkard ness, because for the a lot of part he had a very positiveoutlook on life and people in general. He attempted to see the excellent in people, even when there wasn’t any to beknown. The method the primary character was represented in this unique makes you believethat the theme is primarily simply make the best of with what you have. This holds true in the following statement, the happiest individuals don’t necessarily have the best of whatever, however theyjust reconcile whatever.