Catcher in the Rye Essay

Catcher in the Rye Essay In the novel The Catcher and the Rye by J. D. Salinger Holden believes childhood, and adulthood are entirely different.

Holden thinks childhood is very immature, and playful, and the adult years is mature and serious. Childhood, and their adult years are not as different as Holden makes them out to be, there is a distinction however even some grownups act childish, and some kids act mature and serious for their age. Holden thinks he is superior to all other people including adults, making him believe he is in their adult years, however in truth the important things he does and state make him extremely childish.

Holden thinks there are distinct distinctions in between adulthood and childhood. Holden believes grownups do not care about anybody however themselves and that they attempt to destroy his life like his instructors and his moms and dads, “He put my god dam paper down then looked at me like he ‘d simply beaten hell out of me in ping-pong or something. I do not think I’ll ever forgive him for reading me that crap out loud”( 12 ). Holden thought all grownups were out to get him and make him feel terrible about himself. He thought grownups always needed to have it their way because their age made them remarkable,” Its ten dollars, chief.

I tole you that. Ten dollars for a throw, fifteen bucks till midday. I tole you that. You did not tell me that. You stated five bucks a throw. You said fifteen bucks till noon, all right, but I distinctly heard you”( 101 ). Holden thought grownups thought they could just take advantage of you since they were older and knew children couldn’t do anything about it. Holden believed the nature of youth was the complete opposite of their adult years, he believed all were ignorant, innocent, and constantly did what they were told. She’s not little sufficient any longer to go plain looking mad in the toy department, however she enjoys horsing around and looking at individuals”( 197 ). Holden thought because of someone’s young age all they cared about was having a good time and playing with toys however a lot of kids are mature since of experiences they have gone through that have forced them to lose their youth and mature faster then anticipated,” I’m choosing you. Can I? Okay? What? I said I practically fell over when she said that”( 206 ).

Two children wished to escape one because he required to get away and the other due to the fact that children are affected by their elders and wish to do things they see or in a lot of cases younger brother or sisters wish to be similar to their older siblings. Youth and adulthood are not as various as Holden makes them out to be. Youth and the adult years can be identified by many different elements age, maturity, and experience. Their are numerous children who have actually not had a youth since they were required to grow up due to the fact that of certain experiences they have gone through, like Holden.

He was required to mature when he was on his own for the 3 days, he got on a bus by himself, got a hotel, and purchased a prostitute. Holden likewise was required to mature when his sibling Allie passed away, he was now the earliest brother or sister, and simply the going through the experience of losing a brother or sister needed to have actually made him more powerful as an individual. Holden thinks he does not need to listen to anybody, because he believes he knows whatever. He didn’t believe he had to attempt in school so he failed out of 5 schools, he didn’t listen to the recommendations his instructors provided him,” I’m quite sure he screamed Good Luck!

At me. I hope not. I want to hell not. I ‘d never ever shout All the best! At anyone. It sounds dreadful when you think of it” (15-16) Holden thought when senior citizens gave him advice they we insulting him, or calling him dumb. These acts making him very childish but he thinks he is fully grown and an “adult” despite the fact that he is still in high school. He has actually gone through experiences in which made him need to mature but by thinking he had to mature he started to believe that grownups should not have to inform him what to do making him childish.

Holden is still young and naive and in his youth phase but has gone through so much making him a fully grown boy that still has his childish minutes. In the novel The Catcher and the Rye by J. D. Salinger Holden has a viewpoint that adulthood and youth are nothing alike. He believes he is an adult and can do whatever he pleases. Holden might have matured as a person and in age but he still has his innocent and childish moments like any adult out there.