Catcher In The Rye Essay With Freud Comparisons

Catcher In The Rye Essay With Freud Comparisons

List reasons why you think Holden is sane, or normal compared to the average teenager. I think holden is sane because he is like the majority of other teens. They deal with emotions, state of mind swings, relationships with others, etc List some other characters and demonstrate how they are complete stranger than Holden. Mr. Antolini- holden woke up to him patting/petting his head, then asking holden not to leave later. P. 192-193 Examine Holden’s interaction with society, consisting of family, pals, instructors, and so on

. Phoebe- Holdens little sis, he likes her the majority of the family, and she is among the reasons that stops him from thinking about suicide, he thinks if he died she would feel pain and he doesn’t want her to be in discomfort DB- Holdens bro, lives in Hollywood, great automobile, writer, holden believes he is taken in by the Hollywood category???– holdens little bro, holden grieves for him, died of leukemia Stradlater- holdens roomie at pency preparation, they get in many battles, asshole Sunny- woman of the street, holden request for one because he is depressed, then wusses out and asks her to leave

Penis Slage- Holdens 1st roommate, holden believed he had terrible suitcases, so holden evaluated cock by this Compare Holden to Freud and then use a minimum of 2 of Freud’s theories of personality to explain or compare and contrast Holden’s views. Holden and freud were both hermits, they both dropped out of society. Freud thinks happiness is the meaning of life, although he questions what happiness actually is.

Like holden he questions numerous things he says. Holden and freud have opposite views on sex, (What are their opposite views? reud thinks it is every young kids dream to murder their daddies and get married with their moms. Holden is insecure with it. The moms and dads do not play a large part in this book. What are the “root causes” of his desire to withdraw from society? (Holden wants to be a catcher in the rye, He wants to conserve children from falling from a cliff. Kids meaning innocence and dropping to society and losing their innocence) Elaborate Holden desires happiness. One view on his joy is to move away to Vermont in a home with Jane.

He wishes to live alone with her with no one else around. (withdrawing from society) Dealing with emotions- On pg. 44-45 holden enters into a brawl with his roomie stradlater. He deals with this by leaving pency preparation three days earlier to avoid stradlater. (fight happened due to the fact that stradlater went on a date with holdens dream woman and stradlater didn’t fill out holden with the information) Mood Swings- Holden has mood swings very typically. Like on page 96 holden employs a prostitute, however when she arrives he doesn’t seem like having her around in his hotel space. Relationships- Authority-

Fitting in- I think holden wants to withdraw type society on the account that he had a rough childhood and never suited. now that he thinks he cant fit in he wishes to never suit. he now wants to have nothing to do with anybody else besides jane. Reveals routine behaviors- Holden has some habits that he duplicates throughout the entire book. Almost everyone in the unique annoy or bug holden, there is constantly something wrong with them he takes a disliking to. On pg 8 Holdens instructor mr spencer begins choosing his nose, holden is absolutely disgusted. Holden have many routine phrases.

He states “PHONY” to describe many people in the book. Holden is an obsessive phony, he lies about lots of things about himself. He will lie about simple concerns like whats your name, how old are you, where are you from. Holden is an extremely unhappy character. Why is he unhappy? His unhappiness is shown through intoxication, mood swings, violence, lying, criticisms of others, (Pricing estimate Freud Holden wants to remove himself form society to prevent suffering, it is his service for his unhappiness) Distress is not irregular it isn’t an indication of insanity, it’s a common condition that many of us feel specifically as teenagers.

Holden is an extremely dissatisfied character. He is not outrageous though, he is just a typical teenager. His emotions take a large toll on his life. The method he displays his feelings make him look insane and various from others in his society. Lots of teenagers are like Holden, they all have emotional suffering however show them in various methods. Holden is dissatisfied because he may not have anything to keep him busy. He has no real hobbies, jobs, or cares. He has no genuine cares due to the fact that his grandma funds him rather, and he goes to boarding school.

Freud states, “One gains the most if one can sufficiently increase the yield of enjoyment from the sources of psychical and intellectual work. When that is so, fate can do little bit against one. “- Sigmund Freud- Civilization and its Discontents. I concur with Freud in this one, due to the fact that used people are typically less depressed than the out of work. Holden’s unhappiness is likewise brought on by others around him. He refers to everyone pessimistically because they do not comprehend him, imitate him, or cope with his views on life.

An example is Robert Ackley, he never brushes his teeth, and has very little personal health. Holden says, “Ackley, for Christ sake, willya please cut your shabby nails over the table please. Ive askyed ya fifty times”. And Ackley state, “I brush my teeth. Do not gim me that.” “No you don’t. I have actually seen you, and you don’t. “(PG. 25) Holden slams almost everyone in the book. Holden also displays his unhappiness by intoxication. Holden sometimes drinks his problems away. He will go to a bar and get “intoxicated as a bastard”(PG150. ).

Freud states, “For one knows that, with the assistance of this “drowner of cares” one can at any time withdraw from pressure of truth and find haven in a world of ones own with much better conditions of perceptiveness. “- Sigmund Freud- Civilization and its Discontents. Holden utilizes violence too to leave from unhappiness. Holden attempts to kill his roommate Stradlater while he is brushing his teeth. “All I understand is I got up or something then I tried to sock him, with all my might, ideal smack into the tooth brush so it would divide his goddam throat open …”(PG. )

Holden uses verbal violence to solve his problems as well. He enjoys to curse others when he is upset. “You’re a dirty stupid sunovabitch idiot …”(PG. 43) Holden’s mood swings can likewise suggest his misery about life. When Holden works with a prostitute named Sunny, he feels a prostitute would make him feel much better however when she arrives he blows her off. This is either a sign that he was scared, or he was feeling far better when she showed up. Holden’s mood instantly changed when Sunny’s pimp Maurice entered Holden’s space and socked Holden in the stomach again.

This made Holden feel dissatisfied like he was previously. Holden wants to eliminate himself from society to avoid suffering, it is his service to avoid distress. He desires absolutely nothing to do with many individuals he comes over. Holden’s concept to withdraw from society is to transfer to Vermont with Jane in a cabin. Holden’s primary service was to simply withdraw form society, which he didn’t find as simple as his other resorts. As Freud states, “Versus the suffering which may encounter one from human relationships the readiest protect is voluntary seclusion, keeping oneself aloof from other people.

The happiness which can be accomplished along this path is, as we see, the happiness of quietness. Versus the feared external world one can just defend oneself by some sort of turning away from it, if one plans to solve the job by oneself.”– Sigmund Freud, Civilizations and its Discontents. Holden Caulfield is sane like any other teenager his age. He might seem crazy due to the fact that he handles is misery more incredibly, by drinking, violence, lies, critiquing others, etc, however his behavior isn’t much various than any other teenager his age.

His wishing to withdraw kind society is just another way to try and handle his distress. I believe Holden will outgrow this sort of depressive stage he is going through, I think when he is older he will lead a resourceful life filled with adventures. Throughout the book Catcher in the Rye, Holden was not helped with his unhappiness. Throughout the novel Holden tried lots of un-resourceful approaches to rid his depression, however in time I feel he will be helped.