Catcher in the Rye Extended Response

Catcher in the Rye Extended Response To explain about Holden a little, he was a really weird person. He has different point of view to other people, despite the fact that he has a normal appearance. He consumes, smokes and swears a lot but he is just a teen.

The method Holden talked was very funny; he utilized swearing words a lot. Perhaps author tried to reveal Holden’s unfavorable viewpoint versus the world by using this way of speaking. Anyway, he was a typical student who had problems in schools. He failed every subject except English, and got kicked out of every school he went to.

Likewise, he truly hated “bogus things”. What he meant in the word phony was like the fundamental way individuals do every day. He also hated Hollywood films and the stars even if he thought they were counterfeit. I believe he simply hates it when individuals talk in a positive manner. It’s truly unusual because he would also hate individuals swearing and without manners. He hates counterfeit things and he criticizes every people he satisfies and met when he needs to be slamming himself. It demonstrates how unfavorable he really is. I wondered at first, why he thought the world as extremely, gloomy location without any truth.

He didn’t like anything. I think after his sibling Allie passed away, he changed viewpoint to the society and environment around him. And likewise, his family (his specifically his daddy) impacted his character. There belongs where he states about his sibling Allie. I might see how much Holden enjoyed his bro however after he died, he turned his back to the world. I can think about like, His daddy is an attorney and his family is abundant. Possibly he saw lots of counterfeit things considering that he was little. But Allie and Phoebe could have there for him. Then his sibling died, and he has nobody to depend on, just Phoebe.

The one who Holden actually likes was Phoebe. So, he does not wish to study and go to university and blend with people who say fake things every day. He doesn’t take the life severe as other individuals around him. He truly thinks that life is a “counterfeit thing”, and then he drinks, smokes and swears a lot, just to safeguard himself from the world. There belonged where Holden said he wish to be the catcher in rye, with just the children around him. I could see that he was tired with the world where grownups saying phony things whenever.

Maybe the author may have been attempted to slam the modern-day world by Holden. I don’t know, but I think Holden actually dislikes to be socializing in the society. He simply wished to be surrounded by the kids’s innocence. He likewise attempted to go to West and live in the cabin with an extremely couple of contact with other people and be deaf-mute. I think he tries to avoid the world and to be part away from the fake people. He was actually a pitiful teen who doesn’t have parents that look after him warmly. All Holden was searching for was the excellent in his life that he couldn’t find.