Catcher In The Rye – Holden and ‘phony’ words

Catcher In The Rye– Holden and ‘fake’ words

Holden criticizes phonies although he takes part in counterfeit discussions and uses ‘bogus’ words. Prior to he leaves Pencey Prep, in his go to with Mr. Spencer, Holden partakes in a clearly fake conversation. Throughout their talk old Spencer utilizes the term “grand” (p7) which exasperates Holden, “Grand. There’s a word I actually hate. It’s a phony” (p9). However he had already utilized the word “good” (p1) and later on utilizes the word “swell” (p124) both of which are ‘fake.’ Later, while he was on the train he struck up a phony conversation with Mrs. Morrow.

In order to generate pity from her, and misrepresent himself, he explained his reason for going home early was not that he was failing classes (the truth) however, that he had “to have this operation” (p58). Holden deceives others by misrepresenting himself and acting phony. Holden is a hypocrite due to the fact that he continually enjoys what he virulently condemns. He announces that he hates “the films like jail” (p29). However, he goes to the motion pictures. He likewise specifies, “I don’t like any programs” (p117) and, “I do not like [the Lunts] (p125), even though he intentionally purchased tickets for Sally and him to view the Lunts.

When in the theater, he expounds, “the show wasn’t as bad as some I have actually seen” (p125). Holden is insolent towards his school, specifying it’s “for the birds” (p4). Nevertheless, when again he contradicts himself by mentioning that it has a “very good scholastic ranking” (p8) and “it’s as great as most schools” (p55). Additional confirmation that Holden is a phony. As soon as in his space at the Edmont Hotel, Holden is quick to end up being a voyeur to the sensual and carnal activities of others in the hotel. Although he allegedly dislikes what he sees he does observe a male transvestite for quite a while.

Holden states, “the hotel,” which he personally picked, “was poor with perverts” (p62). While gazing at the profane acts being performed he admits that “that type of scrap is interesting” and he wouldn’t mind doing it “if the opportunity came up” (p62). Another example Holden’s hypocrisy. He slams the ‘perverts’ then acknowledges he would do the very same thing if he could. Holden claims to be heterosexual however that is ‘fake’ to shroud his subconscious, homosexual tendencies. Holden is rather strong in revealing his own sexual beauty at numerous times through out the novel.

He boisterously states, “I am quite hot” (p54) and that he is “probably the greatest sex maniac you ever saw” (p62). Both of these declarations are made by Holden to impress upon the reader his sexual prowess. It is a thinly veiled effort which enables Holden not to reveal his true intimate sensations, which he is timid to confess. In order to expose the doubt in his sexual commitments one ought to analyze his statements and actions along with the conduct of those he associates with. Holden affiliate with two other gay men, Mr. Antolini and Carl Luce.

Salinger takes care to link the 3 through their destination to older ladies, perhaps as a method to conceal their true sexual desires. Carl Luce is dating a Chinese woman who is “in her late thirties” (p145). While Antolini is wed to a female who was “about sixty years older” (p181) than him. In addition, Holden ends up being brought in to Mrs. Morrow as seen in his individual observations. He stated, “she was excellent looking” (p54) and “had rather a great deal of allure” (p56). The link of older lady is not a coincidence however rather a cognizant effort to link the 3.

In his relations with women, Holden undermines his relationships. When he is with Sally Hayes he starts to fool around with her but when they are in a cab and can only “horse around” (p125). While in the hotel Holden observes the other perverts who excite him. “I was feeling quite randy” (p63) he confesses, after enjoying a male transvestite (see above). Next, he decided to call Faith Cavendish, (an ‘simple’ girl who “didn’t mind doing it every so often” p63) at a time when he understood she could not satisfy him. Then, when she tries to reach him later he avoids it by stating, “Tonight’s the only time I can make it” (p66).

A premium example of his subconscious managing his rejection of ladies was with Sunny, the prostitute. Because scenario, Holden has a girl alone with him in private, who is willing to take part in intimate relations with him however when she began “getting amusing. Unrefined and all” (p97) Holden gets anxious and states he simply had an “operation” in order to prevent making sexual contact. He then loses 10 dollars and gets run-down since he refused to get friendly with a girl. All three of the events explained above were chances in which Holden decided not to get sexual with ladies and presumed as to purposefully prevent them.

On sexual matters Holden is a hypocrite. A flagrant and disturbing case of homosexuality takes place in the home of Mr. Antolini. First, when Holden goes to sleep Antolini states “Good night, good-looking” (p191). Next, while Holden is sleeping on a couch, with his trousers off, he is awakened by Antolini “petting” him “on the G. D. head” (p192). This scenario is compounded by the fact that for Holden, that “kind of things’s taken place to me about twenty time considering that I was a kid” (p193). In addition, perverts were always “being perverty when I’m [Holden] around” (p105). Such proof is indisputable, as it is specified by Holden himself.

Holden Caulfield’s supposed rebellion is non-existent because he has actually joined the phonies and corrupt adults, as obvious in his conversations and self-contradictory actions. Additionally, his constant prevarications about himself serve to disguise his real sensations which he hesitates to confess. His desire to be a catcher in the rye reveals his insecurity and wish to have someone ‘capture’ him. Holden is a confused juvenile who displays a hard and vulgar attitude to conceal his delicate and disorderly mind. The disputes that he need to deal with since of his evasion of the reality and hypocrisy eventually overwhelm him and lead to his mental breakdown.