Catcher in the Rye – Holden Caulfield is scared of everything that he is not familiar with

Catcher in the Rye– Holden Caulfield is frightened of everything that he is not knowledgeable about

There are just a handful of things that he truly likes. Holden loves his sibling and two brothers. Among which unfortunately passed away at the age of just 10. Holden like youth and innocence a lot that he shuns the adult world, which he is growing into. Holden loves Phoebe and Allie (2 of his brother or sisters) with all his heart. Phoebe is Holden’s favorite due to the fact that of her absolute innocence. One instance is when she is riding one the carrousel at the zoo.

When she gets on she walks all around the platform looking at the horses before she finally takes a seat. Phoebe didn’t need to walk all around, all the horses are the exact same but due to the fact that of her childish innocence she does not know the distinction. Holden enjoyed his bro Allie very much for his innocence. Allie played baseball, he played outfield. While playing if the game ever became dull he would start to read the poems that he had developed and written on the inside on his baseball mitt. Holden has double as numerous fears as things that he likes.

Holden hates whatever that relates to his school, Pencey. He hates all the phony’s that go there. He also has a terrible fear of growing up and entering the adult world of sex and noninnocence. His hatred of phonies hits a high when he hears that Stradlater is trying to get some from a youth friend, Jane. This is a dreadful thought to Holden because he knows that Jane is an innocent and caring individual and by Stradlater making love with her this will kill her innocence. The adult world for Holden resembles a fish out of water, he does not suit.

His thoughts and actions do not concur with the actions of the adult world. He thinks everyone needs to have innocence and resemble him. In reality It is the precisely the opposite. Holden is afraid of individuals who don’t have innocence since he still has his won innocence and he wants to keep it as long as he can. He tries to save other peoples innocence since he sees what the real world has in for the innocent people. He hesitates that these excellent people that are “changed” will develop into those people who he dislikes, all the phonies and perverts.

He does not wish to see anybody rely on that, no matter who they are. The adult world is definitely frightening for Holden. It is this was due to the fact that he Is not yet an adult but he is no longer still a child. Holden is being introduced to the adult work extremely quick and not properly. This is manly the reason why he does not wish to leave his convenience zone, of childhood. So Holden is deafly afraid to mature and enter into the adult world. Holden in the start of this book is quite screwed up. In the middle of Catcher he go crazy and decides that he is going to leave New york city and never returned once again.

When he is at the zoo viewing Phoebe on the carrousel he has a modification in heart. He decides that he will combat it out and that leaving isn’t the answer. Holden is getting better since he is starting to deal with truth and knows that he will make it through everything ok. Holden is and duck in this story and he wishes to “fly” far from all his troubles. In the end he turns into a fish and chooses that he is going to handle all his problems and stop running away from them and simply sit it out and see what takes place.