Catcher in the Rye – Holden’s insecurities and rebellion

Catcher in the Rye– Holden’s insecurities and disobedience

Holden’s insecurities and rebellion work together and are obvious to anyone who reads the book. His consistent criticisms of people around him only stress that he is a fantastic hypocrite as lots of young people are. His ideas typically oppose whatever his actions are in society. For example when Holden sees a profanity written on his siblings school wall he believes, “I kept wanting to kill the individual who had actually composed it” (pg 201).

Yet, he does not take his own recommendations for he himself curses a lot without caring who overhears it. This just further proves the reviews viewpoint on the novel as Holden “captured the everlasting angst of becoming adulthood.” So as you can see, Holden depicts teenagers hypocritical and ever changing opinions. Holden’s curiosity, like many teenagers appears when he begins to see into world of adult hood. He continuously questions the intentions of films and religious individuals, selecting apart at irrelevant details.

He thinks that all actors and movies are “phonies” This is since he is puzzled about his own identity which is a “complex problem haunting all adolescents.” Also, he is really thinking about life after death as he constantly utilizes the analogy of “where do ducks fly when the pound freezes” as a method to ask discreetly about it, because his little sibling pasted away. Holden expresses his interest about the world though innuendo because, like most teenagers, he is afraid of being scoffed at by his peers or seniors.

Holden’s ignorance about how the world runs resembles most confused teenagers at age sixteen. In conclusion, the post is certified in saying that Holden has comparable credit to a lot of teenagers his age. He reveals these different state of minds and mindsets through out the novel as his character begins to grow, alter and develop. I think, like the book reviewer, that every person, both young and old can associate with at least some of Holden’s trials and confusion about finding his location in the sun.