Catcher In The Rye: Holden’s Insight About Life

Catcher In The Rye: Holden’s Insight About Life

The book Catcher in the Rye informs of Holden Caulfield’s insight about life and the world around him. Holden shares a number of his viewpoints about individuals and leads the reader on a 5 day see into his mind. Holden, throughout the book, made other individuals feel inferior to his own. I can associate with this due to the fact that although I do not see people inferior to myself, I do judge others unequally. Holden and I both have similar judgements of individuals from the method they act and behave. We also share sensations about inspiration as well as absence of it. After reading this book, I came to the conclusion that Holden and I are a lot more imilar than I at first thought.

Holden represented others to be inferior to his own kind all throughout the book. He made several recommendations as to how people aren’t as best as he was. “The reason he [Stradlater] fixed himself approximately look great was due to the fact that he was incredibly in love with himself.” (pg. 27) Holden had an inability complex. He hesitated of not having any special skills or capabilities and used other approaches to make him out to be a rough difficult young boy. “Boy, I sat at that goddam bar till around one o’clock approximately, getting drunk as a bastard. I could barely see directly.” (pg. 150) Holden tried all he might to suit.

He drank, cursed and criticized life in basic to make it seem he was very knowing of these habits. I myself have discovered me doing this sometimes, likewise. I, at times, feel the requirement to suit to a group and do things similar to what others perform in order to gain approval by them. I smoked a stogie once with 2 buddies of mine due to the fact that they kept going on and on about how terrific cigars were, however that was only when. Holden and I both put individuals on levels other than our own for quantity of understanding and likeness to ourselves. Holden used the term ‘phonies’ to describe more than a few individuals in this book.

He utilized the term to be what a person is if they don’t act naturally and follow other individuals’s manners and grace. Holden didn’t like phonies, he thought about them as if they were trying to flaunt. He didn’t like it when they displayed because it appeared so fake and unnatural whenever they would do so. “At the end of the first act we went out with all the other jerks for a cigarette. What an offer that was. You never ever saw numerous phonies in all your life, everyone smoking their ears off and speaking about the play so that everybody could hear how sharp they were.” (pg. 26)

I understand lots of people like this also. I do not like phonies either. I have numerous friends who talk using complete vocabulary just to try to impress you, and others who make note of everything they see to reveal you how perceptible they are. Individuals do this when they have a fear of their own individuality and feel that they require to ace different to get individuals to like them. Holden and I both do not like phonies. We do not like people who handle roles of others to seem more likeable because they are insecure. Throughout the book Holden shows a lack of motivation for many things in which he ought to do.

Holden could not even call an old sweetheart whom he knew very long time back. “But when I got in this phone cubicle, I wasn’t much in the state of mind any more to provide old Jane a buzz.” (Pg. 150) Holden likewise had a problem getting his motivation together in order tocomplete schoolwork and be successful in his prep school. I have similar issues with my inspiration and discover at times I must be in the state of mind to do something in order for me to accomplish it. This stems from our experience in the past being that we can get through life, or the part we have actually been through currently, with minimal effort.

Holden has actually had this opportunity to notice this as his parents ave been shuffling him around to different schools whenever he fails. He feels his moms and dads will be there to move him elsewhere and look after him each time something fails. I discovered in eighth grade that the schoolwork I had was far less than the schoolwork I did and I began to slack off, this caused me to think that I might get away with very little true effort in my schoolwork and it has actually likewise followed me into other courses of my daily regimen. I discover my forgetting to do things and having my moms and dads doing them for me.

I find I am essentially spoiled to my every will and need in your home. This is a bad habit though and I am attempting to leave this lifestyle because I recognize I won’t always have someone to fall back on. Holden and I both have comparable motivational problems stemming from our youth. Holden Caulfield and I are very similar in many methods. We tend to evaluate different individuals comparable ways. We both do not like individuals who act bogus since of insecurity. We also both lack inspiration due to the fact that of previous youth experiences which have formed our lives. Holden Caulfield and I have began our excellent journey through life with comparable concepts to each other.