Catcher In The Rye: How Holden Deals With Alcohol, Sex, And Violence

Catcher In The Rye: How Holden Handle Alcohol, Sex, And Violence

The Catcher in the Rye, by J. D Salinger, portrays how a lonesome teenager, Holden Caulfield, handles alcohol, sex, and violence. Teenagers should likewise handle these problems daily. Alcohol is very predominate throughout the unique The Catcher in the Rye. Alcoholic beverages are an easily offered, and reasonably low-cost for minors to get. Over the previous couple of years, teenage consumption of alcohol has increased significantly. The National Institute on Alcoholic Abuse and Alcoholism states that more than 1. 3 million teenagers have a drinking issue.

The National Institute likewise reports that the reason for minor teenage drinking is they believe in a mixture of disobedience towards their moms and dads and a sign of maturity. Another factor for teenage drinking is it represents a bold gesture. According to Dr. Joseph Franklin, “The way drinking begins is, one kid dares another kid to take a drink of alcohol, and the kid doesn’t desire his pals to believe he is a coward so he does. Then the rest of them follow.” In the book, In between Moms and dad and Teenager, it mentions the substance abuse is the number one cause of death among teenagers.

Research studies reveal that amongst igh school trainees age 14– 17, 60% of the students use alcohol once a week, 75% use it a minimum of as soon as a month, and 85% have used it once in the year. In the unique, Holden Caulfield has really easy access to alcoholic beverages. Throughout the novel, it seems that whenever Holden gets depressed, he turns towards alcohol. in Chapter 12, Holden is at Ernie’s club and he got served despite the fact that he was just a small. In Chapter 20, Holden gets drunk. The way he acted when he was drunk demonstrate how pitiful you are when you can not function effectively.

The next subject, sex, is a very typical word nowadays. Sex is so typical it is on tv screens, blown up on billboards, and used for commercial enticement. It also seems that teenage guys are buying cars and teenage girls are receiving more liberty from their adult figures. A couple years back, women did not have the very same liberties as they do today. It also seems that there is an absence of adult supervision and kids are getting away with a great deal more, than over the last few years. Sex isn’t a prohibited subject, like in the sixties. Moms and dads today either inform their kids about it or they completely prevent the topic.

According to Between Moms And Dad and Teenager, one unidentified mother stated,” Whenever my son asks me something about sex, my face turns crimson and I prevent his question.” According to The Look For Structure, in 1979, 53 % of the teenage boys were not virgins. In 1985, 46% of the kids were not. That is a good indication. It means kids are becoming more knowledgeable about teenage pregnancy and the effects. In 1987, one million teenage ladies became pregnant. Out of this, 470,000 were birth’s, 400,000 were abortions, and 130,000 were miscarriages. Holden discusses and encounters sex continuously in the book.

In one f the chapters, he even has an opportunity for a prostitute to come to his hotel space. He gets on the chance, however does not commit the act of sexual relations. After his encounter with the woman of the street, an act of violence is dedicated. This will be spoken about in my next paragraph. In about every chapter, he discusses how he or among his buddies did something to a lady. He spoke about his neighbor a bunch of times in the novel. Her name was Jane Gallagher. One time he speaks about how he kissed her. He is constantly trying to find a lady to speak to. In a chapter, he talks with one of his buddies about his sex ife.

He tells him how awful it was. Lastly, the last issue that teenagers deal with everyday is, violence. Violence is another one of those subjects which is all over television programs, motion pictures, and printed materials. Example of printed products are, papers, and magazines. Violence is something, no matter where you go, you will still experience it. Even in our harmless halls of Keystone Oaks, violence is an occasion that occurs from time to time. According to The Teenage Survival Book, the innocence of children and teenagers is damaged by tv. Enjoying horror films just promotes violence.

A method to keep violence down amongst teenagers is, to tone down the blood and gore seen on tv, and on the movie screen. Within the unique, Holden gets beat up twice. When by Stradlater, and as soon as by the pimp at the hotel (pointed out above). The reason that Holden gets batter by Stradlater is Stradlater asked Holden to write him a paper and Holden did. When Stradlater read the paper, he informed him it was all wrong. That made Holden mad, so he ripped the paper up and kept ridiculing Stradlater by calling him an idiot. Holden took a punch at him and Stradlater got on him and kept elling him to shut up.

He let him up and Holden stated something again. Stradlater punched him right in the nose. That knocked Holden to the floor. He received a bloody nose from that. The other time was at the hotel. The pimp appeared at Holden’s space and demanded that his prostitute get paid the five dollars he owed her. Holden currently paid her and he informed that to him. The pimp kept requiring the money, and after that he punched Holden in the gut. So, in conclusion, this novel truly shows how a teenager lives a life. Throughout a teen’s life, they either currently knew or saw the things entioned or they were introduced to the subjects.

Alcohol prevention is now being taught at an early age so that kids will not make any bad or harsh error which they will regret when they are older. Sexual education is something that either the young adult will find out about by themselves or their parnets will go over the matter with them. Remember, lack of knowledge is not the key in this matter, as pointed out earlier. Violence is something that will constantly be around. There is no chance of eliminating it. Youths will probably find out about it through the television or on the news.