Catcher in The Rye – J. D Salinger’s novel

Catcher in The Rye– J. D Salinger’s novel

J. D Salinger’s unique “Catcher in the Rye,” focuses primarily on Holden Caulfield because he is the storyteller and the book has to do with his memory of characters and occasions throughout the story. These characters are more than just remembrances but actually help the reader to much better understand Holden. Mr. Antolini, Phoebe, and Jane Gallagher are all characters that help fully define Holden. Mr. Antolini assists the reader better comprehend Holden’s rash judgments about characters in the novel.

He is among the few individuals in the book who Holden respects and does not consider a “phony. Holden appreciates Mr. Antolini since he comprehends him and does not treat him like an inferior trainee like the rest of his instructors do. Mr. Antolini is extremely open with Holden and this is shown when he lets him stay the night in his apartment or condo. Holden’s fast judgments of individuals are shown and much better understood when Mr. Antolini touches his forehead while he sleeps in chapter 24. “I understand more damn perverts, at schools and all, than anyone you ever satisfied, and they’re constantly being perverty when I’m around. “( 192 )

Holden leaps to conclusions right away when he wakes up to Mr. Antolini touching his forehead. Instead of believing that his teacher was just revealing affection and look after a trainee he is extremely quick to believe that he is a pervert and homosexual. In the quote Holden states, “they’re constantly being perverty when I’m around,” this is more evidence that Holden jumps to conclusions and fasts with assumptions instead of to think about what it is to be a pervert. He believes that he is just in the incorrect place at the wrong time but it is most likely that he just presumes they are being “perverty” when they are truly not.

Another example of Holden being quick with judgment is straight after the incident happens. Without letting the event sink in, Holden changes into his clothes and runs out of the apartment. Mr. Antolini and the events that take place in his apartment or condo help the reader totally understand Holden. Mr. Antolini is a caring person and his actions run out take care of his friend and student, Holden’s quick and rash judgment is shown when he overlooks Mr. Antolini’s concern and affection for a homosexual advance.

Phoebe is another character that assists the reader much better comprehend Holden? s rejection to develop and enter the adult world. In the unique Phoebe is Holden’s idea of youth innocence however Phoebe challenges his view by acting older and more fully grown than she is. Phoebe knows that Holden is stubborn about developing and maturing and she sees him as a struggling person which is why she tries to help him towards completion of the novel. An example of when Phoebe helps the reader understand that Holden is stubborn about growing up is when she states, “Stop swearing.

All right, name something else. Name something that you want to be. “( 172) In this passage Phoebe is acting more like an adult and trying to get Holden to realize that he needs to think of his future. Throughout the book Holden has actually shown proof that he is immature by not caring about school and his future, after Phoebe asks, “Call something you ‘d like to be,” and Holden reacts by eventually stating, “I ‘d just be the catcher in the rye and all.” This reveals that he is genuinely has no genuine concern about growing up and having a future.

Another example of how Phoebe gives evidence through her character of Holden’s rejection to growing up and maturing is at the end when she wishes to run away with Holden. She does not want to run away with Holden so he can look after her however so she can look after him. She does this since she comprehends Holden is a distressed boy. Phoebe’s character assists the reader see that Holden rejects maturing and developing into a young man. Jane Gallagher is a character in the novel that helps the reader understand Holden’s character thoroughly.

In the unique Jane reveals that Holden does not wish to release his childhood innocence. Jane is one of the couple of women that Holden aspects and feels affection for. Although her character does not appear in the unique, Holden’s ideas and remembrances he shows the reader show his inability to leave with his youth innocence. In the unique Holden thinks of sex continuously. Although he attempts to lose his virginity many times in the unique, he is upset that sex can be casual, and thinks it should be between only individuals you understand very well.

This appears when Jane and Strandlater go on a date in the start of the book. Holden can not come to think that Jane, who barely knows Strandlater, made love with him.”? What ‘d you do?’ I stated.? Offer her the time in Ed Banky’s god dam automobile?’ My voice was shaking something horrible.” This passage gives proof that Holden is plainly uncomfortable with casual sex. In the passage he asks Stradlater a question that he doesn’t really wish to know because he is afraid to find out that Stradlater did have sex with Jane.

That is why he states,” My voice was shaking something terrible.” Holden’s helplessness to understand that sex can be casual is revealing that he is immature which he doesn’t want to release his youth innocence. Jane’s character, a lady who Holden understands extremely well and has affection for, has casual sex which makes Holden very upset, this assists the reader much better understand Holden’s immatureness and his refusal to let go of his childhood innocence. In the unique “Catcher in the Rye” the reader has the ability to much better comprehend Holden by the characters in his remembrances.

Mr. Antolini, a person who shows affection for Holden, shows the reader that Holden makes quick presumptions and judgments with characters in the novel. Phoebe, Holden’s younger sister, makes it apparent to the reader that Holden does not wish to grow up, fully grown, and have a future as an adult. Jane Gallagher’s character also helps the reader much better understand Holden by making it apparent that he does not wish to let go of his childhood innocence. Although Holden’s character is the main focus of the novel, his remembrances of other essential characters assist define him and give the reader a much better understanding of who he is.