Catcher In the Rye Motif

Catcher In the Rye Concept

!.?.!? Troublesome Fantasy Trying to run away from your issues is futile. The sole inevitability of them to come back to face you will constantly be there, as the main character of J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield, experiences. The book narrates Holden’s endeavor into New York City after being tossed out of school for the 3rd time after his bro’s death. Drinking, cigarette smoking, and other self-destructive habits mostly make up most of Holden’s time invested over the course of these 3 days.

Salinger uses the concept of avoidance to illustrate that teenagers conceal from their problems in order to try an escape from the pain of truth. Holden attempts to escape from the sources of his issues, believing that this esape will permit them to be fixed on their own. Holden initially tries to do this when he gets tossed out of Pencey Prep, and decides to leave the school campus early, residing in a hotel rather of going house due to the fact that he does not want to be around his moms and dads when they first get the expulsion letter, as his mommy would be “very hysterical” (51 ).

Remaining in the school would simply be a tip of Holden’s failure, yet he does not wish to go house since facing the disappointment from his parents would be excruciating. So rather, he tries to pretend it never took place by spending his time somewhere else alone. Ultimately, the anxiety and aggravation he has in himself drives him to decide to “sort of say good-by to Phoebe” before he takes a trip west, and after that “never ever go house once again” (198 ). Holden wishes to live in a world without difficulty, and attempts to run away so he can reside in his fantasy.

Nevertheless, Holden’s issues will follow him any place he goes because they are brought on by what he does and says, which will not alter if he is simply in a different location. Not only does Holden attempt to physically different himself from his issues, but takes part in damaging behaviors to attempt to take his mind off of them. After Sunny, the prostitute, leaves Holden’s space, he begins talking to himself about Allie, and then “smoked another cigarette … [he] must’ve smoked around two packs because [he] left Pencey” (100 ).

Holden’s method with handling his anxiety is to smoke, since he believes that it will make him believe less about his issues. However, all he is doing is digging himself a larger hole as addiction ends up being a concern also. The initial problem of not properly handling Allie’s death becomes more pronounced rather of being combated. Another outlet Holden attempts to make use of is alcohol. Later on in the night, after Luce leaves Holden along at the bar, he keeps drinking for 5 hours, “getting intoxicated as a bastard. [He] might hardly see straight” (150 ).

Holden thinks that this will combat his isolation, however oftentimes, he ends up yearning business and then calling individuals on the phone while intoxicated. Although this takes place numerous times, he never discovers what he is doing wrong and duplicates the exact same actions. Holden requires to learn how to appropriately cope with his depression and the death of his bro, since it had never been properly dealt with in the past. His avoidance just optimizes his issues’ longevity, and the just efficient method Holden can eliminate his problems is to handle them, not lengthen them and let them fester.

Holden’s conduct during the level of the book demonstrates the ineffective propensities that teenagers need to distract themselves from or flee from their problems. Holden wishes to forget all the difficulties he has in his life, but never ever succeeds– since what he was trying to accomplish was not possible. His issues were never ever going to disappear until he addressed them head on; the dream of accomplishing a total removal from his issues just fell.

Holden’s preliminary desire to completely avert the pain of his issues led to his breakdown. Not up until the end of the book, when he is in a psychological healthcare facility, does he comprehend what helps him overcome his anxiety. For him, it is discussion with the medical professionals and his sibling that assists him begin to overcome the pain of his little bro Allie’s death and the blame he repairs onto himself. Ultimately, the only method to eliminate your problems is to handle and solve them, whether on your own or with the aid of others, but never to flee.