Central Idea: “The Lottery”

Central Concept: “The Lottery game”

In “The Lotto’ by Shirley Jackson, Mrs. Jackson narrates about any town U. S. A where they follow through with their traditions, no matter how strange they can be. In this town, every June 27th their town gets together and hosts “The Lotto’ where there is one winner (or in this case the loser.) At the beginning, all the children are roaming around the town picking up rocks and developing piles in the square. Over timer the whole town begins to gather n the square to begin the event.

Mr. Summer seasons, the M. C. At the event brings out a big black box filled with blank sheets of paper with a single black dot on one. The men of the family turn up one by one in alphabetical order drawing a single sheet of paper and wait up until the rest of the families have drawn to kick at their sheet. Mr. Hutchinson winds up drawing the sheet Of paper with the dot which triggers Testis, his better half, to become outraged saying hey did not provide her spouse adequate time with his drawings.

Finally Testis relaxes and lets them proceed with the event. The Hutchinson family then draws from package separately to determine who in their family wins the lottery game. Testis winds up “winning” and ends up getting stoned to death. In “The Lottery game,” the author thinks that doing anything can have severe repercussions and can trigger even death. Mayo didn’t offer him time enough to take any paper he wanted. Awe you. It wasn’t fair” (Jackson 566).

Mrs. Hutchinson is chewing out Mr. Summers due to him supposedly rushing her spouse at his drawing of the sheet of paper. According to Mrs. Hutchinson, she believes that it’s all the fault of Mr. Summers for it being her rely on be stoned to death for rushing her other half at the illustration.