Character Analysis Of The Crucible John Proctor

Character Analysis Of The Crucible John Proctor

John Proctor is a sincere, diligent, great guy except for his one defect that ended up being a failure for him and other accused “witches” residing in Salem. His desire for Abigail that resulted in an affair developed jealousy towards his other half Elizabeth, and led to Abigail spreading lies and causing witch hysteria to occur. After the trials began, John recognized that he could out Abigail and make everybody see her for what she was (a liar) and put an end to many innocent deaths by confessing to his adultery and proving Abigail was only drawing out revenge on his wife Elizabeth Proctor.

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The Crucible John Proctor

He tried to conserve his track record through a testament of Mary Warren without exposing his essential information however it stopped working. When this occurred he publicly announced his regret and admitted, calling Abigail Williams a slut, however his admission was far too late and might not stop everything that Abigail had currently set in movement. John’s penance just led to his arrest and conviction of a witch, and he feels culpable for enabling Abigail and her friends to take it as far as they did.

In his last act, John Proctor still wants to save his name, but for individual and religious factors, rather than pride and worry of the general public’s viewpoint. John was offered the opportunity to yield and live, but he decreased, which was a real personal and spiritual stand. If he did attest it would dishonor those condemned that stood beside him, who were not scared to die for the fact. An incorrect admission would also dishonor him and his soul. By refusing to admit, Proctor declares that such integrity would bring him into paradise, and he goes to the gallows with his fellow prisoners, redeemed for his earlier sins.