Comparing Atticus Finch with Bob Ewell in To Kill a Mockingbird

Comparing Atticus Finch with Bob Ewell in To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus Finch and Robert E. Lee Ewell are two characters in Harper Lee’s masterwork, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” These characters share a lot in typical whereby they live in the very same town in southern Alabama, they both suffer effects from the depression leaving them both fortuneless, and both gentlemen are single parents raising kids on their own. In addition both males participated in a legal fight involving another character called Tom Robinson in which they played opposing functions.

I will enter into more information about the court case since they were both in the same space and it provides a direct insight into how drastically the characters are contrasted. Throughout the scene in the courtroom including Tom Robinson, both characters played big roles by which both celebrations were under a lot of pressure. Atticus, during the case seemed calm and professional in his way of doing things. Mr. Ewell on the other hand was not taking the case seriously at all.

He was making it a laughing matter right up until Atticus started hinting that it perhaps could have been Bob himself that beat Mayella, not Tom Robinson due to him using his left hand to write and Mayella being wounded on her right eye. This would imply that he is possibly an awful dad. Atticus would never ever harm any of his kids. Atticus’s kids have an excellent training, whereas Ewell’s kids do not show any respect unlike Atticus’s. Furthermore the guy does not appear to have any class unlike Atticus. For instance his literacy appears to be second-rate, not to mention his filthiness.

The book even describes his children and himself as living in dirty environments as well as having hereditary flaws and various worms. The book likewise describes how nobody truly understand for certain the number of kids Bob Ewell actually has. Mr. Ewell simply seems to be a rebel living versus the law, even letting his kids avoid school, while Atticus lives by the law, works for the law, and is a law abiding citizen. Both men also produce spotlight. Atticus for example receives prejudice for safeguarding a black male in court, Tom Robinson, which at that time was really controversial due to the fact that racism was still a huge thing in the Southern States.

An example of this is when it explains Bob’s white skin as being the only thing better than his neighbors. Despite all of this Atticus still stood up for the guy which is brave and strong. Atticus is a sincere, moral male. Bob receives public attention for the destitute conditions that his children and himself reside in. He has a bad track record and is dishonest. In conclusion we see that comparing these individuals would lead to more differences than resemblances. These 2 men hold true opposites other than a few physical similarities.

Like the ends of a magnet, they are best revers. Atticus is a great male that cares for his kids and the law, while Bob Ewell is a male that cares not for the law or the pleasing of others. It is practically shown that he utilizes physical violence against his children. He is wicked and provokes worry from others. Atticus’s kids are considerate and great mannered while Bob’s kids are unclean and unhealthy. You can clearly see that these males are not alike in any real way. These guys have very various method of going about things. One great, the other bad.