Curleys Wife in Chapter 4 of Of Mice and Men

1. What does Curley’s better half mean when she states, ‘They left all the weak ones here’?

2. State the three things that you think are most considerable about Curley’s wife’s character, scenario or behaviour in this chapter.

3. Find and copy down the quotations which show how Crooks reacts to the risks of Curley’s wife. What exactly is she threatening, and why does Crooks respond in the method he does?

4. What is Sweet referring to when he states that Curley’s other half ‘can move quiet’?

5. (Links to question 2) How does Curley’s wife come across to you in this extract? Compare how she has been represented before to how she is now.

6. How do you believe Lennie feels about Curley’s partner now?

Extension: There are some descriptions in this extract which recommend disruption. These create a mood for the last events in the book. Discover these, and comment on them.


1. When Curleys better half says they left all the weak ones here I believe she is describing the truth that due to the fact that of their scenarios; sweet, criminals & & Lennie were not capable of checking out the slut home like the other males. Curelys better half is suggesting that they are weaker due to the fact that of their incapacity to participate in a few of the activities other guys can.

2. In this chapter I think that Curleys wife discovers as unkind vicious and nasty. She releases the impressions that she likes feeling greater than others and she seems as though she can be quite unethical with a disposition to lie.

3. “Crooks looked hopelessy at her and then muffled his bunkk and drew into himself”

i composed in my opinion sweet states curleys better half can, move quite because he is referring to and alerting the truth that curley; s wife is quite sly in what she does as she triggers problems and searches for problem without being seen or heard from others specifically curley