Death of a Salesman and Empire Falls

Death of a Salesperson and Empire Falls

Death of a Salesperson and Empire Falls Death of a Salesperson is really an extremely various story from Empire Falls. Although they are very different, they do have some similarities. If it weren’t for the novel, How to Check out Literature Like a Teacher, I most likely wouldn’t have actually seen these resemblances. The books, Death of a Salesman and Empire Falls have numerous differences but the couple of resemblances originate from literary aspects that they have in common. In the unique Death of a Salesman, the story is based upon a man called Willy that starts acting truly weird when his son, Biff, gets back from Texas.

He starts acting weird when Biff comes around since he has a dreadful memory of him. In this unique, there are a couple of literary aspects that are various. This book has a lot of signs. Willy’s vehicle signifies worry due to the fact that whenever Willy got in the automobile he had something fail. When he drove, the family was always fretted. Finally, the family had communion when they all came together at the end of the book and lastly hashed out what required to be hashed out for a long time. The family finally discussed what was really going on in between Willy and Biff.

In the novel, Empire Falls, the story is based upon a guy named Miles Roby who is residing in a town called Empire Falls. He has actually worked at a dining establishment called Empire Grill and is now supervisor. He is dealing with daily problems such as the dining establishment, his ex-wife, and his daughter. In this novel Empire Grill represented failure because it barely made sufficient of a revenue for the employees to manage, particularly Miles. When Tick and Miles disappeared for a little while, they went to the beach. Tick liked to paint and do art while watching the ocean.

The geography of this beach signified tranquility and hope for Tick. It symbolized that Tick would have the ability to conquer this catastrophe. The 2 books in fact have some literary resemblances. For example, both books utilized weather condition as symbols. In Death of a Salesperson it drizzled when Willy was going to work to speak with his employer. The rain represented Willy’s state of mind which was harmed, troubled, and tension. Willy’s manager noticed how frenzied and weird he was acting. In charge thought Willy required to take a break with his task and focus on himself. In Empire Falls there was a big flood at the end.

The flood symbolized a clean slate. After the flood, the city needed to be rebuilt. It was a new beginning for everyone. Another example that the books share is that they both have characters that are blind to something. In Death of a Salesman, Willy’s better half, Linda, was blind to see that Willy was acting up when Biff was around since he was guilty of something. He was guilty of unfaithful however Linda was blind to see that. In Empire Falls, Tick was blind to see that John was going to do something really insane. John took a gun to school and shot some of the classmates that were bullying him.

He even tried to shoot Tick but the mayor of Empire Falls stepped in front of her, conserving her life. Both books involve sex indirectly. In Death of a Salesperson, Willy has an affair with another lady while being wed. In Empire Falls, Miles’ mother had an affair with Charlie Mayne. One last example would be that both books both revealed examples of violence. In Death of a Salesperson, Willy took the vehicle out late one night and crashed. The crash happened to reveal the household how much Willy was effected by his child’s presence. In Empire Falls, Tick’s schoolmate John took a gun to school and shot 3 people.

This event reveals John’s peers just how much he was affected by the bullying. The novels truly are similar and this would explain why they were matched together. Although Death of a Salesperson and Empire Falls are really various stories, they really have many similarities that most people would not have actually captured on their own. Without discovering literary elements from How to Check out Literature Like a Professor, I most likely would not have actually seen the similarities in between the books. They are very different stories and have entirely various plot.