Death of a Salesman: Symbols and Dates

Death of a Salesperson: Signs and Dates

high-end, embarassment, regret
— Linda mending- attempting to repair family
Test Cases
Strain his life/job/pride
— Adventures of the world
— At end of play it represents death
— Wealth, success, Concrete
— Insurance coverage $
— Plays in dreams
— Nostalgia of past
— Willys dad
— Transport
— resides in automobile and dies in vehicle
— success w/ his job
-not tangible
— expect money
— Wealth (upper class)
— Willy is left in society
Pen, Basketball, Suit
— to gain acceptance in society without working
Moon, Seeds
— Hope
— New life
— Sliver of light in darkness
Offer example to when Willy opposes himself.
— Everyone enjoys me and my funeral will be packed, but then tells Charley he is his only friend
Discuss why Biff is a dynamic character.
— Biff realizes that his entire life is a lie and he alters at the end by going to work
Explain a Traditional catastrophe.
TRAGIC HERO who falls from an exalted position due to TERRIBLE DEFECT——-> > AWFUL MISTAKE
Explain a contemporary hero
— “commoner”
— Willys terrible flaw is that he does not face truth
— Willys awful mistake is when he loses his job and that he does not think his children errors
Dates of Arthur Millers life
1915- 2005
Dates of play
— Reality- 1942
— Dreams- 1928
Date Miller won Pulitzer reward
Willy Loman
— 63 years old
— Just recently removed salary and place on straight commission
— “low guy”
Linda Loman
— Partner
— Caring, however a make it possible for not happy to deal with the truth
— Oldest kid
— When a football star, but for the last 14 years has been trying to find himself
— Younger kid
— Works in outlet store
— Owns a house
— Willy’s lifelong good friend and neighbor who gives Willy cash
— Charley’s son
— Biff’s childhood buddy
— Now effective legal representative
— Willy’s earliest brother who was highly successful in life
— Dead
— Appears just in Willys dreams
” You wind up worth more dead than alive”
” The woods are burning”
— Willy
— The world is boiling down around him.
— Soon he will have absolutely nothing left
— Life, Competition