Discuss the Use of Imagery of Light and Dark in of Mice and Men

In Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, the imagery of light and dark is used to deepen the styles of the typical. Often darkness or “light lifting” can imply more than one thing. In this essay I would explore this topic.

“Although there was night brightness revealing through the windows of the bunkhouse, inside it was dust”. This shows that the light attempts to get in however never manages to penetrate the darkness. This is important to the styles of the story because workers’ hope for a future farm is similar to the light while the harsh reality resembles the darkness.

Their efforts to recognize this plan is similar to the light attempting to permeate the darkness, but their dream shatters at last, just like the dust inside. “lay deep in his head, and due to the fact that of their depth seemed to shine with intensity”. This is a portrayal of Crooks’ eyes. The mix of darkness and light here indicates the solitude and inner heat of Crooks. Criminals is a black and is separated by the whites so he is really lonely. The depth of his eyes recommends that he is unfortunate, worn out and lonesome, but the eyes “glitter with intensity”, which recommends that in his deep heart, he is longing for accompaniment and he has actually depressed enthusiasm inside. In the steady bunk’s space a small electric globe threw a meagre yellow light”. The light in Crooks’ room is “meagre”, this suggests that Crooks’ social position is like the meagre light—unimportant and simple to be overlooked. When Curley’s spouse initially appears in the bunkhouse, both Lennie and George notice that the rectangle of sunlight in the entrance is cut off. This recommends that to those workers, Curley’s better half is like darkness. She is a “tart”, a “tramp”, she is dangerous and brings just trouble to them since when she appears, their “sunshine” is cut off. Here the sunshine might represent intense things such as a much better future or hope.

Curley’s other half cut off their sunlight which indicates she may eliminate their happiness, much like darkness. Just before Curley’s partner dies “the sun streaks go up the wall”. This suggests that the climax is coming. It likewise shows that another new day is on its method which indicates all those come from yesterday will end up being the past. The dream, the hope, the trouble, whatever requires an end and it is time to consider that end. After Curley’s wife has actually died “the sun streaks were high up on the wall by now, and the light was growing soft in the barn.” The barn is growing soft implies that Curley’s wife disappears.

Her life is end much like the light in the barn. Likewise the change of light shows the modification of time which can assist readers better comprehend the timeline of what took place. The outdoors sunshine is brilliant, the death of Curley’s better half is dark, these 2 compose a direct contrast which makes the setting full of grief. As Lennie’s captors advance on him “Currently the sun had actually left the valley to go climbing up the slopes of the Gabilan Mountains, and the hill tops were rosy in the sun”. The reality that the hill tops are rosy after he has passes away recommends that he is better off dead and will be happier in heaven.

And the sun leaves the valley recommends that whatever is over, the climax, the story, the bubble dream, the darkness, everything, good or bad, is over. A brand-new day, a completely “new” day but not another “old” day, is smiling to the world. So though the story has to do with shattering dream, in the end it shows a light of hope, which contributes more appeal to this book. Images plays an essential role in setting the state of mind for the whole story. This figurative language appears sometimes in the unique with different meanings. Images adds to the depth of the book as well as its immortality.