Discussing Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet

This film is about Romeo and Juliet. Leonardo DiCaprio Is playing the Romeo part in this film. And Claire Danes is play Juliet part.

The film is directed by Baz Luhrmann. He is a modern version director. He directed this movie in 1996 and he only utilized 10% of Shakespeare language. Due to the fact that we do not speak exact same language as Shakespeare. Baz Luhrmann uses guns rather of swords and uses vehicles instead of horses. In the start of Romeo and Juliet we see a news press reporter speaking about the 2 families. Than the electronic camera start focusing and in. Then very quickly you see reasonable Verona.

The storyteller says about 2 families both alike in self-respect, In reasonable Verona where we lay our scene. From forth the fatal loins of these 2 foes, a set of star-cross’s enthusiasts take their life. When the storyteller states those things the background music is very loud and the music is trying to inform us about the film. By listening this music you might say that something bad will take place in this motion picture. Which will be really emotional and unfortunate? Then you see a newspaper article where it says Montague’s v Capulet’s. And than you see helicopters, cars and people.

When that happens the background music become louder and louder and you see two structures with the names on top Capulet and Montague and Jesus Christ statue in the middle. The reason the director put this statue in the center to reveal that individuals in reasonable Verona desire peace between these two households. We than see the shots of the city and the police. Than we see some of the primary characters in the movie their, with and a description of who they are. The reason the director reveals us this is due to the fact that he wants to inform us that these individuals and they will can be found in the film latter on.

The scene modifications and you hear a various music where 3 Montague’s are being in the yellow open vehicle with the special plate at the front saying Mon 005 and listening to the music the kids the boys. Than you hear them insulting the Capulet’s. Among the man in Montague is bald, with tattoo of Montague on his head. The music they hear is very cool and they use sunglasses, and open Hawaiian shirts. The reason that the director put this music to reveal their character. Simply put to demonstrate how cool they are. The Montagu’s than go to the Gasoline station.

Benvolio go out from the automobile and goes to the toilet. He is Romeo’s cousin. Than we see a Capulet leave his vehicle, just you can see his feet he chucks his cigarette down. He is wearing cowboy shoes, and the background music is western music. By hearing that music you might state that person is not an excellent person and he is a very important individual in the movie and he wishes to fight. When he enters the gasoline station some girls come out and among Montague shows off by doing some nasty things. Than among the Capulet come out of the automobile.

The vehicle is blue and scary and on the number plate it states Cap 005. The person who comes from the automobile is really strong and when he removes his jacket you could see his weapon saying Cap and the Montagues get scared because on their weapon it states Mon and the both of the gangs dislike eachother. Abra shows his silver teeth stating SIN and the Montagues fall back in shock into the car. Abra shouts Boo laughing at them. At first Montagues just stay there however after a bit he comes from behind and does bite my thumb Abra does not reverse his car extremely quickly.

Montague gets afraid and panic they start to fill up with fuel. But Abra comes out his automobile and say do you mind your thumb at me sir one of Montague states I do mind my thumb sir. Montagues look at Benvolio is coming. The reason that they have icons on there vehicles, and weapons to show the distinctions in between these 2 families like to show that they are various from eachother. When Benvolio comes he takes his gun. Which’s were the fights begin. One of the Montagues hides next to the car where the woman keeps hitting him.

And than Tybalt comes out and the western music begins as a background to set the state of mind. Tybalt is the cousin of Juliet. First Benvolio attempts to avoid fights and keep peace in between the households. Benvolio says drop your guns and have peace. But Tybalt states I dislike the word peace as I hate hell like all Montague’s. When he states that the director keeps his cam on his eyes to shows the evil. He closes the electronic camera on both the eyes of Tybalt and benvolio and on his mouth because he says the line from there. Than the little boy originates from behind and Tybalt takes his weapon out and frightened that little kid.

And than both gangs started to shot at eachother than the Montague who was getting hit by the women he scares her and begin shooting however sadly he doesn’t understand where he is shooting due to the fact that he is keeping shooting at a sign stating Fuel Your fire he is keeping shooting at this sign. The indication is here to tell you that hold your fire. Then Tybalt who is showoff person he wears a black trouser and bullet evidence red jacket with Jesus icons on them. He is keep diving and shooting among his bullet hits Benvolios hand and his weapon go directly under the cars and truck.

Than two of the Montague’s put gas in the car they drop a few of it on Benvolio. They both sit in the automobile and begin driving it. Tybalt than flexes down takes his jacket off. Takes another gun out and shots at montagues. Than Tybalt drop his cigarette and the fire begins Benvolio gets frightened because some of the fuel is on his shirt. Benvolio than chooses his gun and runs over automobiles and shooting at Tybalt. And the fire blasts all the gasoline station. Here the directors need to be fast since he has to keep zooming the video camera. And note every thing occurring in the scene.

And than you could hear traffic and shooting noise. Then you see helicopters in the air. And Benvlio and Tybalt taking a look at eachother in anger. The director focus o their eyes due to the fact that you could see the anger in the eyes in between them. In the background you might see people running and the automobiles are stopped. Than the prince who is being in the helicopter states to them that drop your weapons. Than you see 2 cars in one cars and truck Capulet’s are sitting and in the other Montague’s. Montague’s says that give me my sword however his spouse stops him.

Than they both sit inside the building where the prince states 2 civil wars and says you both disrupted our streets and if one more time you interrupted our streets than you will pay the fine. This part is to show that both families hate actually dislike eachother and the prince is attempting to alert both of these. Than the director focus on Montague’s after that. All the Montague’s go to the beach where Romeo is sitting the background music is a very unfortunate music. Romeo is sitting composing his journal and thinking about his Girlfriend Rosaline.

You could tell that by taking a look at his face that he does not like what’s occurring between these two households. He likes to invest much time alone because of the violence. Romeos mom talk to her hubby about Romeo. You likewise could see the link between Benvolio and his shirt. Because on his t-shirt there are flowers and its everything about the beach. And now they are on beach as well you could state that he invests most of his time on the beach. He than gets out of the car and states good morrow to his cousin they both walk and in the TELEVISION Romeo see’s what Benvolio did he tries to tell him that not to this since that way there won’t be any piece.

As an audience I would say that this film is excellent. There are some actually great astounding actions battle’s. The music is an amount and it truly matches the movie. And it would make good money. Baz Luhrmann directed this motion picture wonderfully. The video camera angles were best. The other actors are outstanding, and acted incredibly in the motion picture. What Luhrmann did was both bold and brilliant, and he prospered wonderfully. Very first people believed that Luhrmann damaged the play’s beauty and power by setting it in contemporary times. In short words I would state love in first blush.