Don Quixote: Book Question

Don Quixote: Schedule Question

Which is not a fact about the life of Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote?
He was misguided into believing he was a knight.
limp; loose and flabby
Before the fight, Sancho Panza alerts Don Quixote that– what Don Quixote thinks are giants are not truly giants
Don Quixote is primarily a parody of– tales of chivalry
natural qualities of character
What does Sancho Panza assure to appreciate “as I would the Sabbath day”?
Don Quixote’s caution about not fighting with gentlemen
act of remaining watchfully awake
There is no proof to reveal that Miguel de Cervantes– when met Shakespeare
To what does Don Quixote associate his loss of the skirmish?
He believes a magician has turned giants into windmills.
help in time of distress
arrangements; pieces of food
staying watchfully awake
limp; sagging
natural qualities of personality
in Greek folklore, a giant with a hundred arms who assisted Zeus overthrow the Titans
literally, “the pounder” the hero of an old ballad
reliable commands
Chicory water
After being knocked down by the windmill, how does Don Quixote describe the reality that he has not killed a giant?
Responses might differ. Students need to include that Don Quixote blames it on the magician Freston.
How does Cervantes contrast Sancho Panza and Don Quixote?
Sancho Panza is a fictional character in the novel Don Quixote written by Spanish author Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in 1605. Sancho functions as squire to Don Quixote, and offers remarks throughout the novel, called sanchismos, that are a mix of broad humour, ironic Spanish sayings, and earthy wit.
What is incongruous about the branch Don Quixote chooses to replace the lance shattered at his encounter with the windmill?

Responses might differ. Students should include the reality that a real knight would never ever utilize a branch as a lance.

It was incongruous that Don Quixote plucked a dry branch to serve him after a style as a lance, and fixed on it the head he had actually eliminated from the broken one. All that night Don Quixote lay awake thinking of his girl Dulcinea, in order to comply with what he had actually checked out in his books, how many a night in the forests and deserts knights utilized to lie sleep deprived

What is paradoxical about the promise Sancho Panza makes to Don Quixote?
Answers may differ. It is paradoxical due to the fact that a lot of squires would gladly safeguard their master, however Sancho has no issue safeguarding himself.
Knights in medieval romances are typically assisted in their quests by wizards and fairy queens. How does Cervantes turn this custom on its head?
Answers may vary. Students should consist of points such as; Cervantes using Don Quixote who develops the quest in his mind. Don Quixote does not have the aid of fairies or wizards but of a poor farmer named Sancho.
Declining Sancho Panza’s food, Don Quixote nurtures himself on– memories
Chapter eight of Don Quixote contains the famous scene in which Don Quixote– fights versus a group of windmills
There is no proof to show that Miguel de Cervantes– once met Shakespeare
After his spear is broken, what does Don Quixote use as a replacement?
A branch of a tree
Before participating in battle, Don Quixote takes a minute to– applaud himself to his girl love and request her help
Which of the following actions is allowed under the laws of chivalry?
Sancho Panza can take up arms in self-defense against citizens.
Which is not a truth about the life of Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote?
He was misguided into thinking he was a knight.
Prior to the fight, Sancho Panza cautions Don Quixote that– what Don Quixote believes are giants are not actually giants
What is Cervantes’ attitdue toward Don Quixote? Does he seem to think that Don Quixote is a complete fool, or exists some affection and regard in his tone?
Answers may vary. Trainees ought to cite particular examples based upon the description that Cervantes uses for Don Quixote.