Don Quixote: Notes on Themes, Motifs and Symbols

Don Quixote: Notes on Styles, Themes and Signs

What is theme?
“a style is a prominent/recurring idea, idea or idea within a work”
what are some themes in Don Quixote?
“Narrative, Morality Systems”
How is this a style in the very first part?
Cervantes declares to be stating the history of Don Quixotes he has uncoered. He becomes a character within the story itself. He strikes the pose of a scholar and disrupts the story occasionally to offer the reader his personal insights
How is this a style in the second part?
“Cervantes tells us that Cid has equated the manuscript that he has actually found in the market. Again, he tells the reader that this story is a real story. By this point, we (the readers) distruct the precision of this story due to the fact that of the lots of inconsistencies we have encountered”
What did this story cause us to reflect on?
the truths of this world and our own
How is morality a theme?
Don Quixote tries to restore the old morality system in the chivalric code.
What does the Chivalric code highlight?
“honor, respect, and commitment; glorifies battle and the experience of the mission; places females on a pedastal and determines the knight’s role to protect and honor them”
How does this morality world differ from Quixote’s?
“marked by greed and corruption. Social order acknowledges the rights of the upper class as fortunate, and the low end is held by peasants who have little rights. “
What kinds of things do they thirst for?
“jealousy, greed, envy, power; ladies are taken advantage of”
Who shows the most morals?
the low status characters; Sancho and the goatherds
What is a theme?
“structures, contrasts, literary gadgets that assist to establish the major themes of the story”
What are the motifs of this story?
honor and romance
How is honor a concept?
some highlight a concern for personal honor while others don’t.
Who depics the evil side of humankind? (example)
the farmer beating his servant
Ho is romance a theme?
we see the ideals of rmoantic love as portrayed in the code of chivalry; love relationships between characters; Don Quixote with Dulcinea
What are the signs of this work?
“Books, Horses, Inns”
Books represent what?
“the importance of literature in everyday life; advise, inform, provide outlets”
Horses represent what?
symbols of status within the story and show a character’s worth and class. Peasants walk. Dabble and Rocinante have likewise become characters themselves
Inns represent what?
rest and food; greed and corruption at times; individuals of all classes meet there. Innkeepers are well-known for wicked ways. Quixote would rather sleep under the stars