Don Quixote: Review Questions

Don Quixote: Evaluation Questions

Who wrote Don Quixote?
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Where was Cervantes born?
When was Cervantes born?
What battle did Cervantes battle in? When did he battle?
Battle of Lepanto in 1571
Who recorded Cervantes in 1570 and held him up until 1575?
Algerian Pirates
After returning home, what did Cervantes struggle with?
When was Don Quixote first released?
When was Don Quixote’s follow up released?
When did Cervantes die?
What is the original title of the book?
Don Quixote de la Mancha, the Innovative Gentleman
What takes place between the publication of Don Quixote and its sequel?
An incorrect book was published anonymously.
Who is the narrator of Don Quixote?
Who does the author state composed the original history of Don Quixote?
What are the 3 symbolic pictures of Don Quixote’s journey?
Identity, Order, and Redemption
What are the 4 styles of Don Quixote?
Idealism, Self-Sacrifice, Impression vs. Reality, and Justice
Why is “Idealism” a theme of Don Quixote?
Don Quixote was committed to the idealism of chivalry.
Why is “Self-Sacrifice” a theme of Don Quixote?
As a knight-errant, among Don Quixote’s main goals is to bear the suffering of others.
Why is “Illusion vs. Reality” a style of Don Quixote?
The reader has to choose if Don Quixote is actually ridiculous or if he is simply misdirected.
Why is “Justice” a style of Don Quixote?
Part of the novel’s humor is Don Quixote’s demand for justice even when no incorrect has actually been done.
What is a pun?
the funny usage of a word to stress its different applications
What is a parody?
a piece of writing, music, etc. that imitates someone else’s work
What is irony?
making use of words to bring a meaning that means the opposite of its actual meaning
What is malapropism?
the amusing usage of a word or phrase that seems like another word with a completely different significance
Where is Don Quixote from?
la Mancha, Spain
How old is Don Quixote
What is Don Quixote’s genuine name?
Don Quixana
What does Don Quixote spend the majority of his time doing?
Reading Chivalrous Romance Books
Where did Don Quixote get his armor?
His Great-Grandfather
The first time Don Quixote enhanced his armor, what did he include? What was it made from?
Visor of Cardboard to His Helmet
The second time Don Quixote improved his armor, what did he add?
Metal Supports
How long did Don Quixote require to consider a name for his horse?
4 Days
What is the name of Don Quixote’s horse?
What does Rocinante imply?
Cart Horse Before
Who does Don Quixote make his maiden? What is her real name?
Dulcinea del Toboso (Actually Named Aldonza Lorenzo)
How is Aldonza Lorenzo described?
Excellent Looking Farm Girl from Toboso
What does Don Quixote picture the inn is?
What does Don Quixote picture the women at the inn are? What are they in truth?
Damsels, Prostitutes
What does Don Quixote imagine the owner of the inn to be?
What does Don Quixote ask the inn owner to do?
Make Him a Knight
What does the inn owner ask Don Quixote to do?
Invest a Night Enjoying His Armor
Who did Don Quixote fight at the inn?
The Guy who Moved the Owner’s Armor
What does the inn owner do to get Don Quixote out of the inn?
Pretends to Make Don Quixote a Knight
Who is Don Quixote’s Squire?
Sancho Panza
How is Sancho Panza explained?
Slow Witted
What does Don Quixote promise Sancho?
An Island
What does Sancho trip in place of a horse?
An Ass (the donkey, not the booty!)
What does Don Quixote fight, misinterpreting them for an army of lawless giants?
What does Don Quixote lose when he fights the windmills?
His Lance
Where do Don Quixote and Sancho spend the night after battling the windmills?
Under Some Trees
What does Don Quixote use to replace his lance?
A Withered Branch
Who does Don Quixote see on the roadway? Who does he picture them to be?
Friars and a Female Mistaken as a Princess and Her Captors
What does Sancho do as Don Quixote attacks the friars?
Stops Him and Assists the Friars Remount
What takes place at the end of chapter 8?
A Fight is Pending with the Biscayan
What is a morion?
helm without a visor
What does sonorous mean?
deep and complete sounding
What is an appurtenance?
an accessory things
What is a sally?
an experience
What does rubicund suggest?
having a reddish color
What does mellifluous mean?
having a smooth, rich flow
What does unprepossessing mean?
What does rustic mean?
doing not have in polish
What does desuetude imply?
discontinuance of usage
What does pusillanimous mean?
What does Biscayan indicate? Where does it stem from?
A Dialect of Spanish from Northern Spain Near France
How did Cervantes discover the resolution to Don Quixote and the Biscayan in chapter 8?
A Boy Attempted to Offer it in the Market of Toledo
What else does Cervantes find in the resolution of chapter 8?
Photos of Scenes in Don Quixote
What objections were raised versus the authenticity of Don Quixote’s ending? How did Cervantes silence these?
The Author was Arab, All Would be Lost, Not Simply the One Part
What injuries does Don Quixote get when he battles the Biscayan?
Left Side of Helmet, Armor, and Part of Ear
How does Don Quixote react to the battle with the Biscayan?
Gives Him a Blow to the Head (giggity)
Who wins the fight between Don Quixote and the Biscayan?
Don Quixote
What request do the girls in the carriage make relating to the other knight?
Extra His Life
Who is the bachelor of arts?
Sanson Carrasco
What does Sanson tell Don Quixote and Sancho about?
Success of the First Book
What 2 things are various according to Sanson?
History and Poetry
Who appears to Don Quixote and Sancho after they settle in for the night?
2 Guy on Horseback
Who are the guys on horseback?
The Knight of the Wood and His Squire
What lie does the Knight of the Wood tell Don Quixote?
He Eliminated Don Quixote and Made Him Admit that Casildea is More Stunning than Dulcinea
What contract does the Knight of Wood make with Don Quixote?
Whoever Wins a Fight will be at the Grace of the Other
What does Don Quixote call the Knight of the Wood? Why?
The Knight of the Mirrors due to His Reflective Garment
Who is the Knight of the Wood?
Sanson Carrasco
Who is the Knight of the Wood’s Squire?
Tome Cecial
What strategies did Don Quixote’s friends and family make?
Camouflage Carrasco as the Knight of the Wood, Win a Fight with Don Quixote, and Send Him Home to Renounce His Dreams
What does succor mean?
to come to the aid of
Who does Don Quixote discover on the beach?
The Knight of the White Moon
How did the Knight of the White Moon get his name?
The White Moon on his Guard
What does the Knight of the White Moon claim?
His Girl is Prettier than Dulcinea
What contract do the Knight of the White Moon and Don Quixote make?
Battle (Like with the Knight of the Wood)
Where does the Knight of the White Moon go?
Who does Don Quixote send out after the Knight of the Wood?
Don Antonio
What happens to Don Quixote at the end of the chapter?
He is Overcome by the Knight of the White Moon
Who is the Knight of the White Moon?
Sanson Carrasco
What does Don Quixote checked out and want to end up being when he returns house?
A Shepherd
How does Don Quixote pass away?
Quietly in His Bed
How did Don Quixote significantly alter?
He Renounced his Silly Ways