Empathy in to Kill a Mockingbird

Compassion in to Eliminate a Mockingbird

Throughout the unique, To Eliminate A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, the attribute of compassion is ever present. This distinct quality is developed through Jem and Scout in their transactions with the characters of Walter Cunningham and Mrs. Dubose. One particular revealed of Jem and Scout is their ability to understand or “… climb up into their skin and walk around in it.” (pg 31). Throughout the unique Jem develops a high level of emotional intelligence that permits him to comprehend the scenario of others, as well as what they might be believing or possible the method they will act.

The reader first discovers this particular about Jem when he stops Scout from slamming up Walter Cunningham in the schoolyard and invites him over for dinner. “I [Scout] stomped at him [Walter] to chase him away, however Jem put out his hand and stopped me.” (pg 24). Jem stops Scout slamming Walter since he knows the experiences Walter and his family face every day. To make up for Scout, Jem welcomes Walter over for dinner since Jem understands Walter is fortunate to get a correct meal a day. Scout develops her empathy from this example when Calpurnia takes her into the cooking area and discusses the Cunningham’s scenario. Yo’ folks may be much better ‘n the Cunningham’s but it do not count for nothin’ the method you’re disgracin’ ’em …” (Page 26). Through the course of occasions including Walter Cunningham, both Jem and Scout find out to climb into the skin of Walter and enhance their ability to empathize. Another example of where Jem and Scout show their characteristic of compassion is with the character of Mrs. Dubose. Mrs. Dubose is an old woman who is addicted to morphine with a practice of make her ideas of Atticus public; in front of Jem and Scout.

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In a burst of rage Jem snaps and smashes her flowers; which he then has to pay back, by checking out to her; and Scout decides to tag along for moral support. About 1 month after they finish their reading tasks, Mrs. Dubose passes away and the children feels empathy and some sympathy, for her when Atticus informs them how she passed away. “… Mrs. Dubose was a morphine addict. She took it as a pain medication for several years … She stated she indicated to break herself of it before she passed away, and that’s what she did.” (pg 120). Jem and Scout feel empathy for Mrs. Dubose’s pain and wanted her to die pleased and content, although they despised practically whatever about her. Did she pass away complimentary?” (pg 121). Jem and Scout’s capability to empathize and comprehend others and their position, through the character of Mrs. Dubose is among the vital attributes in the kids that make To Eliminate A Mockingbird a book of a lifetime. The occasions of Jem and Scout Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird, depict the quality of compassion or the ability to “… climb up into their skin and walk around in it.” (pg 31). This is seen through their connections with Walter Cunningham and Mrs. Dubose. The compassion discovered through these characters, permit Jem and Scout to grow and grow, in an Atticus-like method.