Fatherhood in To Kill a Mockingbird

Parenthood in To Kill a Mockingbird

What is a good daddy? According to FamilyShare “a father has lots of roles to play, all developed to enhance his and the lives of his children.” It also states that a father needs to be a supplier, protector, instructor, friend, disciplinarian and prototype. For that reason, this shows exactly some characteristics of Atticus being a great dad. In fact, the unique “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee reveals that Atticus is really caring and comprehending, protective and has a very excellent style of showing discipline.
Atticus Finch shows that he is an excellent daddy due to the fact that of his caring and understanding nature. When Mr. Cunningham stopped by to repay him with hickory nuts, range hood and turnip greens, Atticus told him that it sufficed and he had more than repaid him. Atticus knew that Walter Cunningham was going through a bumpy ride due to the fact that he was bad (Lee 20-21). A 2nd good example of Atticus being a very caring and comprehending guy would be when Mrs. Dubose was taking medication that she had been addicted too. She wished to get off the morphine prior to she passed away and this made her very irritable (111 ). When Jem ruined her camellias bush, she was very upset with him. Atticus knew that this was not the right thing for Jem to do: “to do something like that to a sick old woman is untenable. I strongly advise you to decrease and have a talk with Mrs. Dubose,” (104 ). Jem went to Mrs. Dubose home to say sorry; she desired him to check out to her for a month. Jem did not want to but Atticus required him since he understood that Mrs. Dubose was going through a rough time and required aid to get her mind off the medication (104-105). Another example of Atticus being caring and understanding is when Atticus was at the post workplace after the trial. Mr. Ewell came along and implicated him of being a nigger lover and spat in his face. Atticus did not respond, simply wiped his face off: “So if spitting in my face and threatening me saved Mayella Ewell one extra beating that’s something I’ll gladly take.” he stated (218 ). These 3 examples clearly show that he is caring and understanding, which is a quality that makes a good father.
Second Of All, Atticus Finch is an excellent dad because he is really protective of his family. One night Atticus awakened Jem and Scout since there was a fire at Miss Maudie’s home. Atticus gave them their coats and informed them to enter front of the Radley Place and to not get in the way because it threatened (69 ). Likewise, the unique To Kill a Mockingbird shows that Atticus is really protective towards his household during the mad canine incident. The creature was said hazardous and a risk to the wellness of the city of Maycomb. “Don’t you go near that pet dog, you comprehend? Do not go near him, he’s just as dangerous dead as alive” (97 ). Lastly, Atticus is a really protective father due to the fact that he wanted to keep his kids far from the court space, because this trial talk about violence and rape: “Go home with Calpurnia and get your supper and stay home.” stated Atticus (207 ). These patterns reveal you how Atticus safeguards his family in all expense to guarantee their security.
My last and final example of Atticus being a great daddy would be his excellent design of discipline. To begin, in discussion of Atticus and Scout the comment was made: “do you defend niggers, Atticus?” In reply to her question Atticus mentions that yes he did, but to not utilize that word. Scout was puzzled since everyone else at her school used it. He said whether other individuals utilize it, does not make it right (75 ). Another example of Atticus great style of discipline would be when the kids saved him from the mob. When Scout says that she would injure Walter, Atticus said no: “you will not touch him,” (158 ). This reveals he is an excellent daddy considering that it makes them think that violence is not the response of resolving problems. My last example of Atticus having a terrific design of discipline would be that he does not beat his children if ever they were bad, he talks with them due to the fact that he does not think that violence is the response to anything. One night, Jem got stuck in a fence and took his trousers off to get loose (54 ). Later that night he told Scout that he was going to return to get them but she did not want him to go: “Atticus ain’t ever whipped me considering that I can keep in mind. I want to keep it that method.” Jem stated (56 ). These instances shows that his discipline towards his children is appropriate, which makes him a good dad.
To summarize, caring and comprehending, protective of his household, and a terrific design of discipline are all examples of Atticus characteristics in the unique To Eliminate a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. This novel helps demonstrate how life can be unfair and teaches valuable lessons. Atticus never ever passed judgement on anyone and thought about everybody as equal: “You never truly understand a person up until you think about things from his perspective” (30 ).