Fiar Lawrence’s Part in Romeo and Juliet

In the popular play, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, numerous disasters happen.

Friar Lawrence plays an important part in shaping the play and maintaining the interest of the audience. Furthermore, Friar Lawrence makes actions, decisions, and alternatives that lead on making a substantial impact, in the lives of Romeo and Juliet in the play.

In the play, Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence makes a huge influence on Romeo and Juliet, by deciding to marry them.He wished to make a favorable impact in the lives of the Capulet’s and the Montague’s, “… In one regard I’ll thy assist be, for this alliance might so pleased show Toil turn your household’s rancor to pure love” (I, iii, 88-92 ). Moreover, the second mistake happens in the beginning of the play,” Come, feature me, and we will make brief work; for, by your leaves, you shall not remain alone Till Holly Church incorporate in one” (II, VI, 35-37). Friar Lawrence makes an essential mistake when he arranges a secret marriage ceremony for Romeo and Juliet. Subsequently, Friar Lawrence’s choices impact him; by leading him to a specific penalty and to regret, “… And lead you even to death …” (V, IV, 31-37 ).

The Prince tells Friar Lawrence that the decision he made can lead him to death. In addition, Friar Lawrence also receives the punishment of regret, “… And here I stand, both to impeach and purge, Myself condemned and myself excused (V, IV, 238-24 ). Thus, the choices he made lead him to deadly consequences. Additionally, the decision Friar Lawrence made; which was weding Romeo and Julie to unify the Montagues and Capulets was bad. This was a bad choice since this cause the suffering of Romeo and Juliet, “… For never was a story more of concern Than this of Juliet and her Romeo” (V, V, 321-326 ). However, his bad decision likewise cause deaths, “… For here Juliet, and her beauty makes This vautl a feasting existence loaded with light.Death, lie thou there, by a dead male interred …” (V, IV, 82-130 ).

Therefore, his bad choice cause Romeo’s and Juliet’s death. Additionally, there are times when interventions by other characters alter the course of the play. Friar Lawrence’s decisions contributed to the disaster at the end of the play of Shakespeare. Therefore, Friar Lawrence made a big effect in the course of the play; by making the play a tragedy.