Frankenstein: How To Read Literature Like Professor

In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley utilizes symbolism and allegory to depict the actions of the primary characters and what their actions truly indicate. In How to Read Literature Like a teacher, Thomas C. Foster asks his readers what you believe a symbol stands for, Foster also composes” [whatever] you think it represents, it most likely does.

” (ninety-seven) Frankenstein contains lots of symbols, however there is just a few symbols that genuinely support our findings the entire nine lawns.

There are six particular symbols and allegories that were actively selected to support our findings: Light, The Bible, Alps, Water, White, and Lightening. light, shelley develops light as a sign on the extremely first page, when walton tells his sibling that he’s avoiding to a “country of everlasting light” where the “sun is permanently noticeable” (letter one. 2), our very first sign that light isn’t all great when the beasts initially sensation is of “light pressed upon [his] nerves” (

The light does not benefit to the daemen, it just allows people understand how hideous he genuinely is. The Bible in frankenstein is not a symbol but in fact it is an allegory, the monster is compared to adam the very first man in the Judeo-Christian Custom, “like adam i was obviously united by no link to any other being in existence …” in the future the beast is also compared to satan “Sometimes i considered Satan as the fitter symbol of my condition.” (15.7 )

The Alps is another important sign that helps bring the real significance to the characters actions, Frankenstein goes to The Alps, The Alps integrated with it’s appeal took his mind away from his horrible time with the outcomes of his creation. In Frankenstein, water figuratively brings life to Frankenstein whether he is taking a trip on it or drinking it. it brings him life and influences him to be near to nature. Walton thinks the light of the far North as eternal and filled with hope “What could not be anticipated in the country of eternal light?”

Light is very important to all the characters in Frankenstein, Light guides the Character through Important choices. Nevertheless many of the decisions that the characters have made might have gone a different way, when Frankenstein chooses the truth of how his younger sibling passed away from his family currently plainly informed the readers what the outcome might be. Lightning is likewise a sign in Frankenstein the tree being burnt by lightning. Here lightning represents the destruction/creation dichotomy. Just as the tree once grew the lightning damages it.