Frankenstein – Similarities Between Victor and the Monster

Frankenstein– Similarities Between Victor and the Monster

Thesis Declaration:Analysis of parallels and similarities in between Victor Frankenstein and the Monster in Mary Shelley’s novel.

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction: Standard concerns of what is similar between the characters of Victor Frankenstein and the Beast
  • Strife for knowledge
  • Turning to nature during the times of distress
  • Conclusion: How the resemblances between characters caused enhancing bonds between them and their fight

Trace the similarities in between Victor and the beast. Consider their particular relationships with nature, desires for family, and any other crucial parallels you find. Do Victor and the beast become more similar as the unique goes on? How does their relationship with each other develop Mary Shelley’s unique ‘Frankenstein’ (1818) describes 2 vital characters Mr Victor Frankenstein and the beast he creates Frankenstein.

Even though the beast is not a clone of Victor or shares any of his DNA there are significant characteristics and qualities that are really comparable to Victor. They are not comparable in their physical and social actions but their personalities are parallel. As the unique progresses both characters stand their position company as heavy weights in their daily lives. Both characters make every effort to get as much understanding as possible and look to nature and its peacefulness throughout times of suffering and when they are distressed.

As a result, both have various resemblances. Victor Frankenstein and the un-human like beast have numerous similar traits and aspects of their lives however both crave for a constant stream of knowledge. Early in the unique Victor is yearning for a growing number of understanding hence he leaves his large estate and his love Elizabeth to go to university to discover to understand situations and subjects better.

As an outcome of his fascination of gaining understanding he created this beast, it was like an ‘undesirable child’ (Pg 79), as the beast carries a lot of the very same attributes and flaws that Victor possesses it is nearly as if the beast acquires these qualities. Both victor and the monster long for becoming more intelligent about their surrounding world. When the monster is hiding in the poor family’s house, he steals food and by doing this he recognizes he is bringing great distress to the humans, from there on he stops taking food, rather he helps gather the crops and cuts fire wood for them.

Likewise as the beast observes the family he discovers the English language fluently, when he meets Victor he discusses how ‘An unusual multiplicity of experiences took me, and I saw, felt, heard, and smelt at the very same time’ (Pg 9). The monster discovers how to stroll, talk, open and close his eyes and how to overcome cravings and thirst. It is apparent as the unique advances that the monster has an inner capability and determination to become just as intelligent as his creator.

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One would suggest that Victor could not have ever magined that the monsters drive for understanding would have come this quickly. Furthermore, both Victor and the monster use nature as a hideaway or a safe haven when they are feeling as if they have nowhere else to go. Both find convenience in nature and thus establish an extremely strong relationship with themselves. As the beast was too hideous in look and terrifies the town’s people, living within nature is the only choice as nobody will exist to decline him or evaluate him.

Victor uses nature to leave from his issues and the rest of his ideas after the death of his younger brother William and pal Justine. He hideaways to the mountains of Chamounix to seek relief from his sorrow and suffering. This time spent in the Alps permitted Victor to clear his mind and think of his sorrow that ‘was increased and rendered superb by the mighty Alps, whose white and shining pyramids and domes towered above all, as belonging to another earth, the habitations of another race of beings’ (Pg 90).

How the resemblances in between characters resulted in reinforcing bonds between them and their confrontation

Subsequently, both characters look towards nature and its peacefulness during times of distress. As an outcome, the relationship in between Victor and the beast ends up being more powerful and their resemblances end up being greater. One would recommend that the factor it becomes stronger is that Victor and beast seek vengeance on each other. As a result of Victor’s fascination with acquiring understanding and developing life he has developed a monster.