Friendships in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Friendships in Of Mice and Guy by John Steinbeck

The first and greatest two-way relationship displayed in the book was in between Lennie and George, who share each other’s talents and capabilities to fulfil each other’s requirements. George assists Lennie out in all scenarios, with health, safety, and mental stability, and is his guardian through all times, whether it is good or bad.

John Steinbeck of Mice and Guy

Friendships are cooperative relationships, where individuals share their talents and qualities to help each other through life. The novel, Of Mice and Guy, by John Steinbeck, exhibits many forms of these two-way relationships, the greatest, between the characters George and Lennie, and the other friendships in between Crooks and Lennie, and George and Slim. These relationships demonstrate how each set gain from each others friendship, and help each other in the harder times of life, the most crucial one, being the friendship of George and Lennie.

George provides all the care and guidance he can to Lennie. This is revealed when George and Lennie are travelling to the cattle ranch, and Lennie stops to drink out of a pond of filthy water. “Lennie! Lennie for god sakes don’t drink a lot”… “Lennie, you gon na be sick like you was last night!” This quote reveals that George is worried about Lennie’s health and well-being, and that Lennie does not know any much better, by drinking unclean water.

He plans Lennie’s life, along with his own, and attempts to make him as happy as possible, by retelling his dream of owning his own land, with rabbits and a berry spot. George does all of the talking when it pertains to getting Lennie a task, and desires him to be his pal, no matter how frustrating or annoying he might end up being.

George knows that if Lennie were left alone without any one to look after him, then he would not survive; therefore George looks after Lennie as he feels as though it is his duty, and because they are the very best of good friends. Lennie takes care of George in his own way, by offering him all the companionship he deserves, and protecting George with all of Lennie’s enormous strength.

Lennie would never ever let anything horrible occur to George, and helps George feel better in the toughest of times, forgetting any events where George inadvertently put Lennie’s life at threat. It is apparent that George and Lennie’s relationship is two method, as they exchange each other’s talents, and have each others company, however the relationship between Crooks and Lennie relies on other qualities.

Another symbiotic relationship, which shows the sharing of requirements and abilities, is that of Crooks and Lennie, who may associate with each other, as they have the very same rank on the ranch. They are both castaways, as Crooks is a Negro, and Lennie has a psychological special needs, and they feel as if they can speak to each other, and empathise with each other.

When Lennie entered Criminals’ room, he stated, “You got no best to came in my space. This here’s my space. No one got any right in here but me!” This quote reveals that Crooks thought that Lennie would resemble all of the other guys in the bunkhouse, and would be racist to him. As Crooks is a victim of solitude, he opened up and allowed Lennie to talk to him due to the fact that he really did desire a pal, after a very long time of isolation from the other males.

He figured that Lennie did not truly care what he appeared like, and what his skin colour was, making him a great fellow. Criminals can likewise assist Lennie out in some scenarios, as he knows how Lennie feels, and informs him what he considers Lennie’s dream, and whether it will work. Lennie assists Crooks by making him feel much better, and this was shown when Lennie came into Scoundrels’ room to visit him.

This made Crooks fell a lot better, as he felt wanted, and since he had fulfilled a pal, which Crooks had actually never ever had before. Also, the appearance of Lennie in the room made Sweet come into the space a bit later on, and this helped Criminals’ self-confidence a lot more. The relationship of Crooks and Lennie is two method, as they may associate with each other and share their sensations with each other; however, the relationship in between George and Slim count on qualities of a various kind.

Another exchange friendship was in between George and Slim, who had the ability to support and advise each other, as well as bring up numerous chances that one may have never experienced. George’s relationship with Slim was the opportunity for George to have a good friend who was not a half-wit, and might speak to effectively.

George did not require to worry about anything with his relationship with Slim due to the fact that Slim, unlike Lennie, might care for himself. George had the ability to inform Slim of the occurrence in their home town of Weed, where Lennie accidentally tore a ladies gown. George provided Slim his trust because he is the leader in the cattle ranch, and a person that everybody took a liking to.

Slim tries to make George fit in as much as possible, by introducing him to the people on the cattle ranch, and attempts to help him through tough times. Slim was more of a being a parent like figure since he gave George guidance on many problems, including his and Lennie’s dream, and supported him with his decisions and actions.

An example of this is after George courageously shot Lennie, Slim stated, “Never you mind … A man got to often.” This quote shows how Slim is a helpful person, be reassuring George that he needed to shoot Lennie, as it was the right thing to do. It is clear that Slim and Georges relationship is one where they exchange, as they had the ability to support, advise and motivate each other, in addition to produce opportunities that may have never ever took place, otherwise.

The novel Of Mice and Male, by John Steinbeck, explored a few clear two-way relationships with the characters George and Lennie, Crooks and Lennie, and George and Slim. Each pair shared their skills, qualities and abilities, to satisfy each other’s needs, and supply friendship and assistance for one another. Friendship is possibly the most crucial thing in life, and everybody should posses it.