Holden Caulfield and Carl Luce: The Catcher in the Rye

Holden Caulfield and Carl Luce: The Catcher in the Rye

In my viewpoint, neither Holder nor Lucre is more mature than the other, They both do more or less the very same things that cause them to be immature in contrast to one another, and therefore, the important things that they do that show their maturity are overruled. Lucre, in comparison to Holder, simply has a more ‘classy’ or educated way of speaking and therefore might cause the illusion that he is more informed and more fully grown than Holder, when in truth their hidden purpose and maturity level is the very same.

The two merely want to get something UT of their conversations, and do not care much about the other person’s sensations as long as they get something of value. Poor example, Holder does not mind speaking about his personal/sex life, but really doesn’t care about the majority of people’s lives when they try to speak to him in return, while Lucre is the total opposite– he will go off on a tangent about his own sex life and boast about it, however as soon as he’s done, he deserts individuals he was speaking with and doesn’t wish to hear another word out of their mouth.

Holder’s immaturity is shown hen Lucre and Holder are talking in the bar, and Lucre asks if it is going to be another common Coalfield conversation, which recommends that Holder has always been like this and Will probably never ever modification. Holder likewise is rather immature while speaking about sex, and jokes around with the topic no matter just how much how uncomfortable or comfortable the other person is.

Lucre’s immaturity is shown when he rejects Holder’s attempt to be civil and speak about something major or provide suggestions, which supports the truth that Lucre does not care one single it about anyone else’s state of being, and merely desires his story to be listened to since it appears that he believes that he is superior than everyone else because of how he desires them to listen to him obediently and anticipate to not be listened to in return.

Lucre also leaves Holder alone as quickly as he seems to feel uneasy, instead of assisting Holder in the best direction which he is plainly able to do. In conclusion, the two are equally immature and not one is more fully grown than the other, and will continue to remain this way unless one wants to make a sacrifice.