Homegoing Yaa Gyasi

Effia’s line

Effia is raised by her mother, Baaba, who is vicious to her. Nevertheless she works hard to please her mother. Called a beauty, Effia is intended to be wed to the future chief of her village, but when her mom informs her to conceal her menstruation, rumours spread out that she is barren. As an outcome she married a British man, James Collins, the guv of Cape Coast Castle. He and Effia have a delighted marital relationship. She returns to her household town one time, when her father dies, where Baaba tells her that she is not Effia’s mom which Effia is the child of an unknown slave.

Effia and James have actually a son called Quey who is raised in the Cape Coast Castle. His parents, worrying that he is friendless, eventually have him befriend a local boy called Cudjo. When they are teens Quey and Cudjo realize that they are attracted to one another. In worry of their relationship James sends Quey to England for some time. When he returns, Quey is assigned to help to strengthen the ties in between his familial village, who sell slaves, and the British. He is annoyed by his uncle Fiifi, who appears incredibly elusive about trade relations. Ultimately Fiifi along with Cudjo, raid the village of the Asante individuals and bring back the daughter of an Asante chief. Recognizing that to wed her would join his people, the Fantes, with the Asantes, Quey fixes to forget Cudjo and marry the Asante woman.

Quey’s kid, James, finds out that his Fante grandpa passed away and returns to Asante land where he meets a farmer lady, Akosua Mensah. Maturing with his parents dysfunctional political marriage, and promised given that youth to the child of the Fanta chief, Amma, James longs to escape and wed Akosua. With assistance from Effia, James escapes from Amma and lives among the Efutu people up until they are raided and eliminated by the Asantes. He is saved by a man who acknowledges him though James makes him guarantee to inform everyone he has actually passed away. He then travels to reunite with Akosua.

James’s daughter Abena only knows her father as a rural farmer called Unlucky for his failure to grow crops. By the time she is twenty five she is still single. Her childhood friend good friend, Ohene guarantees to marry her after his next successful season and the 2 begin an affair which accompanies the start of a famine. The village elders, finding the affair, inform them that if Abena conceives a child or the scarcity lasts more than 7 years Abena will be cast out. In the sixth year Ohene effectively farms cocoa plants. Rather than marry Abena he tells her that he promised to marry the child of the farmer who offered him the seeds. Abena, now pregnant, decides to leave her town instead of wait on Ohene to wed her.

Akua grows up amongst white missionaries after her mom dies early in her childhood. When an Asante man proposes, she accepts and marries him and the couple have numerous children. Before the birth of her 3rd child Akua begins to have nightmares about a woman on fire with burning children. At the same time war breaks out and her partner fights. He, returns missing one leg, in time for the birth of their child, Yaw. The nightmares continue to haunt Akua and, while sleepwalking, she murders her daughters by setting a fire that consumes them. Her other half has the ability to save Yaw and successfully avoid Akua from being burned herself by the townspeople.

Yaw grows up to be a teacher who is extremely informed however upset about his facial burn scars. After his pals go through a tough pregnancy he decides to handle a house woman, Esther, and he grows to like her. To please Esther he visits his mom for the very first time in over forty years where she informs him that there is evil in their line and likewise informs him that she is sorry for triggering the fire that burned him.

Marjorie grows up in Alabama, which she hates, and invests summer seasons in Ghana visiting her grandma. In her majority white high school she struggles to fit in as the black trainees mock her for acting white and the white trainees will not have anything to do with her. While reading in the library she fulfills a German born army brat, Graham, and develops a crush on him hoping he will ask her to prom. Instead his father and the school restriction them from going to together and when Marjorie hears him informing others that she is not like other black women her crush on him liquifies. Her granny dies shortly after and Marjorie returns to Ghana for the funeral service.

Esi’s line

Esi is the precious and lovely daughter of a Big Guy and his spouse, Maame. Her father is a prominent and effective warrior and he ultimately captures a servant who asks Esi to send out a message to her daddy about where she is. Esi complies out of pity as her mother was previously enslaved. As an outcome her village is raided and her daddy and mom are killed. Prior to she leaves Esi learns that her mom had a child prior to her, while she was enslaved. She is then recorded and imprisoned in the dungeon of the Cape Coast Castle where she is raped before being sent out to America.

Esi’s daughter, Ness, is raised in America. Her mother teaches her some Twi however she and her mother are eventually beaten for it and separated. In her brand-new, more lax plantation, Ness is forbidden from becoming a home slave due to the fact that of the deep scars on her back. Prior to arriving at the plantation Ness was forcibly wed to an African man who spoke no English though they eventually pertained to love one another and have a kid, whom she named Kojo. After a female heard her speaking Twi, Ness was used the chance to escape north. Ness, her other half, Sam, and Kojo left however in an effort to protect her child, she and her partner enabled themselves to be caught and then claimed their kid passed away. Ness was severely whipped, triggering her ruthless scars, and forced to watch as her spouse was lynched.

Kojo is raised in Baltimore where he passes the name Jo Freeman and marries a freeborn black woman Anna. When Anna is pregnant with their 8th kid the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 is passed. Jo is warned that he should go even more North but he decides to stay. Though he stresses that he will be captured as his documents are forgeries, in the end it is Anna who vanishes while pregnant. The kidnapping destroys Jo’s family.

H is freed throughout the Reconstruction period, but sometime after, as an adult male, is arrested and accused of attacking a white lady. Not able to pay the ten dollar fine he is sentenced to work in a coal mine for 10 years. When H is released from his sentence he plans to rejoin a black community but finds that he is ostracized for being a convict. He settles in Pratt City in Birmingham, Alabama, made up of other convicts both black and white, and operates in the coal mine as a totally free agent. After a few years he composes to his ex girlfriend Ethe, whom he cheated on quickly before being apprehended. She ultimately concerns join him.

Willie weds Robert, her childhood sweetie who is light-skinned, and they have actually a son named Carson. After her moms and dads pass away Robert recommends they move away and Willie asks that they go to Harlem as she wants to begin a profession in a vocalist. As they search for work Willie understands that her dark skin will prevent her from being a professional singer while Robert has the ability to pass for white. The two grow further apart and start concealing from one another. After Willie runs into Robert at one of her jobs and they are both sexually humiliated by his white coworkers, Robert deserts her. Willie ultimately starts a brand-new relationship and has a daughter. After seeing Robert with his brand-new white partner and their white child she realizes she forgives him.

Carson, who as an adult goes by the name Sonny, looks for significance in marching for civil rights and working for the NAACP however rather ends up being demoralized by his work. Like his own dad he ends up being an absentee moms and dad to 3 kids. He meets a young singer named Amani and after she presents him to drugs he becomes addicted to drugs also. When Willie finally reveals information on his dad and offers him a choice in between her cash or getting clean he selects to get tidy.

Sonny and Amani’s boy Marcus goes on to become an academic at Stanford University. He meets Marjorie, now working as a speaker and the two form an intimate bond. She recommends that they go to Ghana and while they exist going to Marjorie’s family he recommends they go to the Cape Coast Castle which Marjorie has actually never gone to. While seeing the Door of No Return Marcus has an anxiety attack and flees through the door to the beach. He and Marjorie swim in the water where she provides him Effia’s stone, which has actually been passed to her through the generations, and which unbeknownst to the both of them, was offered to Effia by their mutual ancestor, Maame.

Descendants of Maame

Family of Homegoing (Gyasi book).
Baaba( Fante) Cobbe Otcher( Fante) Maame( Asante) Kwame Asare( Asante)
Osei Bonsu Fiifi Otcher Effia Otcher James Collins Esi Anonymoussoldier
Nana Yaa( Asante) Quey Collins ” Ma” Aku Goodness (“Ness“) Sam Anonymousslave TimTam
Amma Atta James (” Unlucky”) Akosua Mensah Kojo (” Jo”) Anna Pinky
Abena Ohene Nyarko Ethe H Children “A”–” G”
Akua Asamoah Agyekum Robert Clifton Willie Eli Hazel
Abee & & Ama Esther Yaw Josephine
Angela Lucille
Rhonda Amani Zulema
Etta unnamed lady unnamed woman
Marjorie Marcus
  • Strong names are chapter titles.
  • Dashed lines represent marriages.
  • Dotted lines represent adoptions, extra-marital relationships, and non-consensual relationships.
  • Strong lines represent descendants.