How Does John Steinbeck Create the Theme of Loliness in of Mice and Men

The Theme of Solitude in of Mice and Men Summary: Isolation plays an important function in John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Male. As Steinbeck highlights through Curley’s wife, Candy, and Scoundrels, companionship and a sense of belonging are important to human joy; all 3 characters deal with issues and negative feelings since of their isolation and seclusion. [pic] Isolation is one of the main themes in Of Mice and Men.

Throughout the novel, John Steinbeck reveals the huge impact that loneliness has on the characters. Steinbeck most plainly shows this style through Crooks, Sweet, and Curley’s partner. Ranch hands are perfect types of individuals to portray as being lonesome, because their consistent travel leaves them without someone to speak with or share things with. Steinbeck likewise demonstrates how crucial it is for every human being to have a companion. Companionship is necessary in order for someone to live an enjoyable life.

Although solitude affects each one of the characters in Of Mice and Men in a different way, they all experience unfavorable sensations from their lack of companionship. In Of Mice and Male, no other character outwardly conveys their solitude more so than Curley’s wife. She … Curly’s wife is maybe one of the most considerable themes of loneliness in the book. She flirts with all the men on the farm and gowns and acts like a **** due to the fact that her husband does not enjoy her, leaves her alone all the time and she’s lonely.

Weirdly enough, I sympathized with her due to the fact that she is caught feeling lonely in a loveless marriage, and besides no one on the cattle ranch ever really provides her a chance to be change, they just take one look at her and state “She’s trouble”, or “I believe Curly’s other half is a tart”. – Scoundrels is another excellent style of lonliness in the novel too. Due To The Fact That Crooks is African-American during the Great Anxiety, he is left out of the crowd at the cattle ranch, and invests his days all alone in the steady, therefore he is called The Stable Buck