Human Potential – Of Mice And Men

In the novel Of Mice And Men, John Steinbeck Shows human potential and its impacts on Lennie Crooks and George. Steinbeck recommends human beings have the natural capacity to look for joy although the potential can be deadly or damaging. Although Lennie does not have the prospective to be smart, Lennie has the possible to be a hard worker.

Nevertheless, Lennie s strength did not work with him and the outcome was fatal. Lennie is an incredibly big man who had the strength of a bull.

With making use of his strength, he was excellent worker but did not comprehend how strong he was. George discusses Lennie s strength by: “that huge bastard can put up more grain alone than many sets can”( Steinbeck 34). Through his size and his enormous amount of strength Lennie might out work the other males of the ranch by himself. Through making use of Lennie s strength he ended up being an excellent employee who understood nothing more than to work. Lennie uses his potential to work hard, however does not understand how strong he is. Without George, Lennie does not comprehend what to do.

Lennie gets frightened and utilizes his strength to hang on to things. Lennie is similar to a kid. He will do what ever George tells him to: “Curely was tumbling like a fish on a line, and his closed fist was lost in Lennie s hand. George slapped [Lennie] in the face once again and once again and still Lennie held on( 63 ). Through Lennie s actions we can see that Lennie is very comparable to a kid. Lennie s first instinct when he is frightened is to hold on. Simply as a youngster holds on to its mom or daddy when they become scared, Lennie holds on to things.

Due to the fact that of Lennie s low intelligence to comprehend his strength, he becomes scared and eliminates Curley s partner and as a result, she ends up being killed by is otential: “She took Lennie s hand and put it on her head And after that she wept madly. Lennie s fingers closed on her hair and hung on. He shook her and her body tumbled like a fish. And after that she was still”( 91 ). Lennie did not comprehend his strength and ended up being frightened, and as soon as again much like similar to a little child he held on. But he wound up breaking Curley s spouse neck.

As an outcome of his actions Lennie ended up dead. Lennie had an incredibly great potential to utilize his strength and become an excellent worker. Nevertheless his difficulty to understand his strength lead to his death. Unlike Lennie Crooks potential is his knowledge, and Crooks has the ability to use his knowledge to, attempt to get away the issues he has on the ranch. Nevertheless Crooks falls back into a 1930s attitude and selects to disregard his understanding. Scoundrels likewise utilizes his knowledge to express his concepts and feelings to Lennie. “Books ain t no excellent.

A guy requires someone to be near him A person goes nuts if ain t got no one”. (72) Crooks is showing that he is a very educated male When around others he might chooses to utilize his understanding to express his concepts and become a stronger impact. Criminals uses his wisdom to reveal his concepts and eelings and leave a very strong effect. Scoundrels has the possibility to use his knowledge, however how he uses his knowledge will determine his fate. “I stated s position George put on t come back no more. S position he took a powder and just ain t coming back. What ll you do then? He won t do it Lennie cried.

He ll returned this evening–“( 71 ). Crooks is using his understanding as a power trip on Lennie who does not comprehend what Crooks is saying. Crooks is doing this because he has never ever had an opportunity to utilize his understanding in such method before, however is actually abusing it. Scoundrels selects to utilize his knowledge around Lennie. But when a higher authority is around Crooks selects to neglect it for his own security. “Listen nigger, [Curley s better half] stated, (y)ou understand what I can do to you if you open your trap? Crooks seemed to grow smaller, and he pressed himself against the wall.

Yes ma am, and his voice was toneless”( 80 ). When a higher authority is present Crooks selects to overlook his knowledge because he is terrified to speak out for fear of losing his task. In spite of Scoundrels, knowledge he chooses to disregard it around greater authority, this winding up in a 1930 s attitude with his knowledge going to waste. Unlike Lennie or Crooks George has the possible to be his own manager. If George does not work hard adequate his potential to be his own employer will be lost and his dream will be crushed. George has constantly wanted to be his own manager.

When he sees that the capacity is there, George tries to act on it. George states: “We d just go there, we wouldn t ask no one if we could “( 61 ). George would like to be his own employer and do his own thing, generally because George would not have to take orders from any one. To achieve being his own boss, George attempts to save his cash so that he can purchase the ranch: “If me an Lennie work one onth a don t spen nothing, well have a hundred bucks” (60 ). To satisfy his potential to be his own employer, George says he will conserve his cash and not invest any.

If George can achieve this he will be his own manager. When Lennie breaks Curley s other half s neck, George understands that the prospective to be his own boss is lost. Sweet states:” You an me can get that little place, can t we George? Candy dropped his head and looked down at the hay. He knew”( 94 ). Now that Lennie has actually broken Curley s better half s neck, George recognizes that his possibility of being his own manager is gone. Without Lennie, George feels here is no hope. As an outcome the potential to be his own boss is lost.

George has a terrific prospective to be his own manager, but with the death of Lennie, George loses hope. George has actually chosen his fate to be an employee and not to be his own manager. In his novel, Of Mice And Men, John Steinbeck illustrates to us that all human beings have the prospective to do well, but how they use their capacity will identify their fate. Lennie, Crooks and George all have one thing on their mind: to achieve their potential and make it reality. If they do not use their possible It can a source of discomfort and an unfulfilled dream.