Hysteria and Fear in the Crucible

Hysteria and Fear in the Crucible

Fear and Hysteria in The Crucible When neighborhoods are driven by extreme beliefs, they become destructive forces, reducing free idea and creating hysteria. In the movie Jesus Camp, the extremist Evangelical church group ends up being a damaging force by oppressing the complimentary idea of children, persuading them from birth will extreme spiritual concepts. From the time they are born, they are taught to believe that the only appropriate method to live your life, is to have an extreme belief in Catholicism. Whoever does not follow this religious beliefs is damned to hell for eternity.

Becky Fischer, the leader of this extremist church group said, “It’s no surprise, with that type of intense training and discipline, that those young people are all set to kill themselves for the cause of Islam. I wan na see youths who are as dedicated to the reason for Jesus Christ as the youths are to the cause of Islam. I wan na see them as significantly laying down their lives for the Gospel as they are over in Pakistan and Israel and Palestine and all those various locations, you understand, since we have … excuse me, but we have the fact! (Grady) This quote catches the state of mind of Mrs. Fischer and her intents. This lady truthfully believes that the kids who belong to their church needs to form an army of Christ and fight for Evangelicals just as kids in the Middle East fight for Islam. She is convincing them to have such commitment to their religion that they ought to be prepared to pass away in the name of the lord. This concept is not humane not to mention logical. Kids have the most impressionable out of any group of individuals. This group is targeting and persuading children and utilizing them for individual gain.

Their beliefs and choices no longer just impact their group, however the entire the whole nation also. The demographic is so big that they have the ability to swing a Presidential election by persuading the entire Evangelical population into electing a particular candidate, such as George W. Bush, solely based on their faiths But in earlier centuries there were much worse physical penalties, than simply the emotional fear of burning in hell for eternity. The radical belief in witches and demons in Salem becomes a damaging force by creating mass hysteria, which in turn results in the loss of innocent lives.

Abigail is the spark of this hysteria by invoking allegations of witchcraft against people in the neighborhood. Abigail utilized the extreme belief in satanic forces get revenge on individuals she felt bitter. “Oh, Mary, this is a witchcraft to alter your shape. No, I can not stop my mouth; it’s God’s work I do.” This quote reveals the strength of the neighborhood’s extreme belief by showing that Abigail can accuse any single person of witchcraft and they will go to court and possibly be hanged. She produced all of this hysteria, which ended in the death of 19 innocent lives, for an intention as basic as jealousy and a desire for revenge.

Mass hysteria leads to the damage of all the next-door neighbors in “The Beasts are Due on Maple Street” due to the fact that of group polarization and verification bias. Once the child stated that the power outages may be due to aliens, the neighbors were constantly looking for a proof to support their theory. This confirmation bias caused hysteria because whenever one of the neighbors observed a somewhat suspicious activity, they interpreted it in terms of their previous suspicion of aliens. The tools of conquest do not always come with bombs, and surges, and fallout.

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There are weapons that are just ideas, concepts, prejudices, to be discovered only in the minds of guys. For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can damage. A senseless, scared look for a scapegoat has a fallout all its own for the kids yet coming. And the pity of it is, is that these things can not be confined to the Golden Zone.” This quote is an example of precisely how “System one” (Gardner) or psychological thinking can damage an entire neighborhood. Almost each and every single neighbor on that street never ever when took a moment to justify things and ponder whether their alleged circumstance is sensible.

When emotions are permitted to completely control the choice making procedure, an action can be made that, when thought of realistically, is the right choice. The aliens in this program knew that people have extremely strong emotional systems and utilized that to their advantage. From a simple power blackout, a whole neighborhood destroyed itself based on an insight made by a little kid In conclusion, the suppression of totally free idea and production of hysteria occur when radical beliefs that drive neighborhoods become devastating forces.