Inequality Merges With Truth: Societies at Odds in ‘The Hate U Give’ Anonymous College

The Hate U Provide by Angie Thomas checks out the depths of one sixteen year-old’s life and the battles she faces daily as a black woman who has matured in an underprivileged community and developed her feelings, ideas and feelings through time and catastrophe. Starr Carter’s life is quickly turned upside down when she is faced with the trouble her dad constantly cautioned her about– authorities violence. This girl is lost and puzzled as she witnesses the tragic death of one of her best friends given that she was just three years of ages as an outcome of systemic inequality, which slowly breaks down the vulnerable divide she has between the two lives she lives everyday– one in poor Garden Heights and the other at her prep school. The inequalities between the binary of blacks and whites in the 2 social neighborhoods that she is apart of are prominent and permit the readers to truly immerse themselves in the way that bigotry and permanent inequality feels.

The author brings close attention to the 2 clashing societies that Starr is a part of and the social oppressions that take place as the individuals within the society communicate as an entire unit. Class is an axis of stratification and can be described through the inequalities regarding the rich and the poor. In a discussion between Starr and her daddy she describes, “it’s what society feeds us as youth and how it comes back and bites them later on … I think it has to do with more than the youth though. I think it has to do with us … black individuals, minorities, bad people, everyone at the bottom of society” (Thomas 168). The young children within a particular social structure often get older to resemble the history put prior to them, through their own agents of socialization such as the school the participate in, the household they are born into or the media they see regularly along with the gain access to they have to chances and making choices in the world around them. “Very same shit, different century. I wish individuals like them would stop believing people like me require saving” (Thomas 246). Change in regards to injustice and discrimination is almost difficult if society stops working to acknowledge they’re a present force. The Hate U Provide offers a clear understanding of the secondary and dominant relationships and how members of a society view them as well as how it truly feels to be a member of the secondary group and suffer the repercussions of being a subordinate. These relationships can cause discrimination, not just in race but likewise with class and gender, even if it is “outside the awareness of the private” (Durkheim 1).

Although the book is composed in the viewpoint of Starr Carter, there are valuable points throughout the reading when other point of views are considered that show how there is most certainly a significant manipulation of society through discrimination and/or injustice through human habits and interactions. In a school where Starr is “Whites have established a new, powerful ideology that validates modern racial inequality and therefore assists keep ‘systemic white opportunity'” (Rothenberg 114). The story informs the facts about how white individuals are cultivated to think that they are not prejudiced and likewise the idea that white people are fair-minded in the treatment of others. Not only is this present in Starr’s cope with the justice system and the racial stress linked throughout her experience however also in her daily life with her peers in the school she attends. Two mind-blowing minutes in regards to color-blind racism that struck tough were both mentioned by a sixteen year-old white woman. “You can state something racist and not be a racist” as well as “He was a drug dealership and a gangbanger, someone was going to eliminate him anyways” (Thomas 112, 341). These moments enable the reader to feel the ache and the pain of a black individual in the middle of a today times, where racism and carrying out “brightness” are overlooked and members of the subordinate groups of society are dehumanized.

The Hate U Give is a very engaging story that genuinely puts the reader in the shoes of a black girl existing in American society today with very relatable moments of truth, heartache, pain and love. The author allows the reader to put themselves in the shoes of a person who struggles with racial inequality, sharing her voice, grief, friendship, dependency and how media in the 21st century portrays black individuals and societies. A light of reality is shed on the police violence that occurs and the layers underneath why the violence and the death of innocent people are occurring so often. This text has a variety of draw-dropping, tear-jerking moments that will leave the reader entranced in the life of a black female throughout a time where cops violence and oppression is so typical. Reflection is brought upon the reader in such a way that allows for connections to his/her own bio, history, ideas, beliefs or positions in society. The social building and construction of bigotry is explored through two really different societies, yet the inequalities are linked through human actions, sensations and thoughts all over. Violence, discrimination and oppression are still taking place throughout the world today and absolutely nothing is going to alter without individuals who acknowledge that it is happening and alter the culture, language and behaviors of those contributing. The story enables the reader to understand and feel the oppression and struggles that are involved in inequality, speaking up, heartbreak and so much more.